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12C Classic Financial Calculator

  • Category: Finance
  • Released date: 09/04/2008
  • Current Version: 4.4
  • Seller: Ricardo Lira Matte
  • Recommended Age: 4+
  • Download Size: 2749607
  • Last Update: 07/22/2011
  • Requirements: All

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Full version of the well known 12C Business and Financial RPN calculator for iOS 4.0 and retina display , with all the features of the real one and more.
- iOS 4.0 and above only.
- Retina display resolution.
- Rock solid optimized calculations algorithms.
- TVM, Amortization, Bonds and depreciation.
- Cash flow analysis NPV, IRR
- Statistical analysis.
- Date arithmetic
- Keystroke Programming
- Support through "[email protected]" with complete answers in less than 48 hrs.

Simply the most powerful, easy to use and complete implementation of 12C financial calculator you can ever find at a bargain price.

Thousands of satisfied customers since 2008 for the iPhone and since 2004 for Mac OSX and Windows demonstrate it.

Version features:
- Full Portrait and Landscape layout.
- Device's orientation sensitive.
- Touch the Display to Copy and Paste.
- Touch "OPT" key to select options:
* Quick Help reference.
* Memory content view.
* Stack and Financial registers content view.
* Amortization schedule table.
* Cash Flows editor.
* Statistic samples editor.
* Program editor with key labels.
* Files Save & Load for programs, registers, cash flows and statistic samples.
* Tip calculator layer for Bill %Tip, Total and Split calculations.
* Unit conversion layer to convert common units within 10 categories.
* Settings view to :
. Select the CLX or Delete Digit key.
. Adjust the click sound ON/OFF and Volume level.
. Highlight "f" & "g" functions.
. Auto-locking Disable
. Decimal Separator selection (comma or point)
. Number of decimals setting.
. Disable the auto-orientation.
. Adjust the display contrast.
- Fill support through e-mail ([email protected])
- Free updates.

System Requirements:
- iOS 4.0 or above only. It will not work in previous versions.

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