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Alarm Clock Master Free-(Digital Photo Frame,Remote Alarm,Weather Forecast,Calendar)


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Alarm Clock Master Free is an alarm clock app with many innovation features.
Such as: clock with a mirror transparent effect, digital photo frame,weather forecast with auto-updates,FaceTime speed-dial,and use Apple Remote remote control alarm clock and so on.


★ Clock and Weather ★
- Two clock style:standard style and LCD style. These are have transparent display effect and artistic fonts. Moreover LCD style clock can also set the color.
- Automatic Vertical and Horizontal modes
- Customizable auto-lock time

- 12 or 24 hour time format

- Show / Hide seconds
- Show / Hide Week
- Show / Hide Calendar,and it will highlight today's date
- Show the recent alarm time,and show whether there is call and FaceTime' speed-dial.
- 3 gestures supported:(1) slide up and down - Adjustable the screen brightness, (2) sliding around - switch pictures of the digital photo frame, (3) shaking the device - alarm snooze.
- Display weather conditions and temperature in your area

- Automatically find your local weather, no need to search through lists of cities
- Support both Fahrenheit and Celsius display

★ Alarm ★
- 10 built-in alarm sounds
- Multiple alarms supported

- Sound/Music ON/OFF

- Sound/Music volume adjustable

- Snooze ON/OFF

- Snooze time customizable
- Repeat alarms on certain days of the week

- Speed-dial supported: you can choose a contact of address book and to as a call or FaceTime speed-dial. When the alarm clock to the response will show a dial button.
- Alarm works even if device is sleeping or screen is locked

★ Digital Photo Frame and Display ★
- Multiple wallpaper: select more than one photo to use as wallpaper from photo library
- Easily choose photos,you just need to make check mark
- Wallpapers automatic update according to your set time,and show the transition effects

★ Remote control ★
If you have an Apple Universal Dock or the other dock speaker with remote control feature, then Alarm Clock Master will to be your the best partner app.
When you set the alarm to the response, you can directly use the remote control buttons to control alarm close, snooze, and dial a call or FaceTime.

If you enjoy Alarm Clock Master Free,there is a paid version "Alarm Clock Master" with more features:
-1.customizable alarm tone
-2.Select your edited ringtone as alarm
-3.Select your song or even playlist as alarm
-4.More colorful themes.
-5.iPhone vibrate
-6.Support alarm notifications
-7.Display currently the number of active alarms on the app icon

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