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All-in Pedometer


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More than 1,000,000 people around the world are using our pedometers!

✭✭✭ Most professional pedometer on the App Store!
✭✭✭ Accurate count of calories burned, distance, speed, pace and workout time
✭✭✭ GPS-independent! Gets going right after launch!
✭✭✭ Progress monitoring: in-built body tracker logs all changes of your body parameters
✭✭✭ Lap details notes: Feeling, Terrain, Weather and Heart Rate timer

The Pedometer is a perfect feature-rich tool for careful calculation of a workout results.
To help you reach the best possible results, a figure tracker was built into the app. The tool accurately tracks every change of your body shapes providing you with visually compelling picture of your progress.


• It's hard to believe, but the pedometer works right out of the box!
• Just launch it, put in the pocket – that's all!
• Pre-configured calibration values are suitable for most people - no additional calibration before use!

• The app provides accurate calculating of steps, measurement of the workout duration, distance, calories burned speed and average speed, pace and average pace
• The Pedometer app uses reliable technology of hardware pedometers to ensure high calculation accuracy
• The app automatically identifies your movement type: walking, jogging or running
• Detailed workout history available: all workout logs are independently stored to be easily backed up and restored using iTunes

• The pedometer is GPS-independent, thus, you can use it both indoors and outdoors
• Compatible with any iOS device: iPad, iPod Touch or iPhone
• GPS+ technology enables simultaneous use of accelerometer and GPS as well as background mode


• The daily goal feature will help you make up and follow your own physical activity plan for one day. Daily goal defining will increase your self-motivation and make every workout even more effective.
• The pedometer counts the time you've been working out, not the time the app has been on
• You can share your achievements via Twitter, Facebook or email in a single tap


• You can register your body parameters on a daily basis
• Set your ideal body parameters to be shown green on the parameters chart. The chart visualizes how fast you approach the desired result
• The body tracker automatically calculates your BMI and displays its interpretation
• The tool enables you to view detailed history of every change in your body parameters during 7, 30 or 90 days term


• Enables you create an iPod-independent playlist to be played especially during your workouts
• Supports both your iPod playlist and independent playlist
• The playback will resume automatically after the app's work is interrupted with an incoming call or message

BACKGROUND MODE SUPPORT (after in-app upgrade)

• The application uses accelerometer by default, which makes it energy-saving and compatible with every iOS device. Nevertheless, the app can be upgraded with GPS+ for more accurate calculations.
• Since accelerometer functioning is blocked by iOS 4 if in background mode, by default the application works in FOREGROUND ONLY with iOS 4
• Additional reasonably-priced upgrade to GPS+ is available for iPhone 3Gs and iPhone 4 users. The upgrade enables simultaneous use of GPS and accelerometer for higher accuracy of count and background mode support*
*GPS coverage required
GPS+ TECHNOLOGY SUPPORT: (after in-app upgrade)
✭✭✭ Simultaneous use of accelerometer and GPS
✭✭✭ Background mode support (requires GPS coverage)
✭✭✭ Altitude history
✭✭✭ Route maps history
✭✭✭ Visual theme from Pedometer PRO GPS+ application
Note: Continued use of GPS in background mode can dramatically decrease battery life

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