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Amazing X-Ray FX ² LITE

  • Category: Sports
  • Released date: 03/31/2009
  • Current Version: 2.9
  • Seller: IGRASS PTY LTD
  • Recommended Age: 4+
  • Download Size: 14151171
  • Last Update: 07/22/2011
  • Requirements: All

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► FREE : Experience pure HD with full Retina support! 6,000,000 Amazing X-Ray FX owners can't be wrong? Try the WORLD's #1 X-Ray machine for the iPhone/iPod touch & see for yourself today.
► You control the scanning in real-time. Amaze your friends as you X-Ray both HANDS from finger tips to ELBOW with this awesome FREE app.
► Instantly unlock the app to L.E.D Light X-Ray your SKULL, CHEST, HANDS, PELVIS, KNEES & FEET skeleton bones, plus scan for creepy flesh embedded foreign objects!

X-Ray your HANDS in HD from your finger tips to ELBOW with this awesome FREE LITE edition!

You control in real-time all the movements of the X-Ray bone scanning, by gently tilting your iPhone/iPod over the selected area you would like to X-Ray (accelerometer sensor based). Within minutes you will master the art, ready to have fun with it.

Completely fool your friends into thinking your iPhone or iPod touch doubles as an amazingly cool skeleton X-Ray machine.

Be blown away by just how realistic the skeleton X-Ray looks, an effect achieved by a multi-layering technique of ultra hi-res X-Ray skeletal bone images, subtly moving in 3D like phased sync. X-Ray authenticity has been re-engineered with L.E.D light X-Ray (PRO upgrade), tunnel vision effect & super silky smooth control.

You will swear this is the real deal.

X-Ray FX ² also features high quality audio to complement the imagery along with a cool "blur in" countdown effect, to allow you enough time to position your iPhone/iPod at the interactive skeletons starting reference point.

There are also 3 x incredible X-Ray visual styles (positive, negative & UltraViolet UV mode) to choose from plus numerous X-Ray settings (re-size, flicker intensity, movement sensitivity, AUTO-calibration & directional flip options).

Check out the Amazing X-Ray FX ² LITE in pure HD today. The expressions of shock & awe on your friends & families faces will be priceless.

✓ Full Retina display support for incredible HD X-Raying,
✓ Silky smooth real-time accelerometer based movement control,
✓ Enhanced X-Ray authenticity with the all new tunnel vision effect,
✓ Auto-movement & full manual control (accelerometer based)
✓ Tilt direction flip,
✓ Cool new interactive skeleton selection mode,
✓ Mind blowing Holographic 3D effect on the main page,
✓ Amazing realistic 3D like X-Ray scanning FX²,
✓ Real-time accelerometer based movement control,
✓ High quality audio FX,
✓ 3 X-Ray styles - Positive, Negative & UltraViolet (UV) mode,
✓ X-Ray resizing adjustment setting (to match your bone size),
✓ Movement sensitivity adjustment (horizontal & vertical),
✓ X-Ray flickering intensity setting adjustment,
✓ Auto-spatial calibration (so you can control at any starting angle, not just flat),
✓ All settings are dynamically saved for next time you use the app.

✓ X-Ray FX ² both HANDS from finger tips to elbow,
✓ Wedding RING: A new left hand X-Ray option to add to the realism. Don't get caught without it!
✓ iAd & AdMob advertising.

✓ The way cool L.E.D X-Ray Light feature (supported devices only),
✓ All the above free LITE features plus the ability X-Ray your SKULL, CHEST, both HANDS, PELVIS, KNEES & FEET skeleton bones!
✓ Creepy FOREIGN OBJECTS; Flesh embedded & ready for discovery. Choose from a brain BULLET, lung NAIL, titanium skull PLATE, hip replacement JOINT & even an ARROW head,
✓ No iAd or AdMob advertising on main page screen.


From the makers of the Galactic FX, Food Additives, Baby Babble, KungFu FX & Conspiracy Gravity Pen.

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