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Antibiotic Advisor provides recommendations for all infectious diseases encountered in medicine, pediatrics, surgery, ob/gyn, orthopedics, and emergency medicine.

Antibiotic regimens are given for inpatients, outpatients, ICU patients, critically ill patients, immunosuppressed patients, penicillin-allergic patients, adults and children. Recommendations are given for empiric and specific therapy and for treatment-failures and refractory disease.

If the primary therapy fails - Antibiotic Advisor tells you what to do next.
Has your infected patient recently taken antibiotic? Antibiotic Advisor advises you on the next action.
Is a penicillin-patient infected with an organism resistant to cephalosporins? Antibiotic Advisor provides a solution.

You will not find these features in any other app.

In clinical practice, patient-profiles are complicated, and antimicrobial strategies must be tailored to the unique scenario. Antibiotic Advisor provides recommendations for the ID problems that physician will encounter.

Methicillin-resistant Staph aureus, vancomycin-resistant enterococci, macrolide resistant-streptococcus, drug-resistant Strep pneumoniae, extended-spectrum beta-lactamase positive bacteria, and HACEK group bacteria. Acute HIV infection, antiretroviral therapy, H1N1, post-exposure prophylaxis, and neutropenic fever. Linezolid, meropenem, teicoplanin, tigecycline, and peramivir.

Antibiotic Adviser is powered by the Expert Decision Engine. It is much more than just a simple drug database or digital book. Precise regimens include common organisms, sub-diagnoses, co-existing diseases, and clinical alerts. Precision disease search is included. Clinical recommendations are derived from the evidence-based IDS recommendations.

Partial List of Treatment Protocols:

Bone and Joint Infections
Septic Bursitis - Olecranon bursitis and Prepatellar Bursitis
Discitis and Vertebral Osteomyelitis
Open Fractures
Newborn (<4 mos.) Hematogenous Osteomyelitis
Children (>4 mos.)-21 yr: Hematogenous Osteomyelitis
Adult (>21 yrs) : Hematogenous Osteomyelitis
Methicillin-sensitive Staph Aureus Osteomyelitis
Methicillin-resistant Staph Aureus Osteomyelitis
Hemoglobinopathy with Osteomyelitis
Adult, Contiguous Osteomyelitis with Diabetes, Vascular Insufficiency
Long Bone Osteomyelitis after Internal Fixation of Fracture
Osteonecrosis of Jaw
Spinal Implant Osteomyelitis
Sternal Osteomyelitis, After Surgery
Chronic Osteomyelitis
Foot Osteomyelitis from Puncture Wound without Vascular Insufficiency
Osteomyelitis in Child with Sickle Cell Disease
Osteomyelitis in Child with Puncture Wound of Foot
Septic Arthritis
Septic Arthritis in Adult: not at Risk for STD: Non-gonococcal
Septic Arthritis in Adult at Risk for STD: Gonococcal
Chronic Monoarticular Septic Arthritis
Polyarticular, Acute Septic Arthritis
Septic Arthritis After Intra-articular Injection
Infected prosthetic joint with S pyogenes
Infected Prosthetic Joint with Gram-negative bacilli
Infected Prosthetic Joint with MSSE or MSSA
Infected prosthetic Joint with MRSE or MRSA
Propionibacterium Acnes Prosthetic Joint Infection
Pseudomonas Aeruginosa Prosthetic Joint Infection
Septic Arthritis in Infants <3 Months (neonate)
Septic Arthritis in Children (3 mo-14 yr)
Infection of Orthopedic Prosthetic Implant

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