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Audubon Guides – A Field Guide to Birds, Mammals, Wildflowers, and Trees

  • Category: Reference
  • Released date: 11/02/2009
  • Current Version: 1.7
  • Seller: Green Mountain Digital LLC
  • Recommended Age: 4+
  • Download Size: 1453953111
  • Last Update: 07/22/2011
  • Requirements: All

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❖❖❖❖❖ July Sale - Save 33% (Reg. $29.99) Get the award-winning 4-subject nature guide - your summer essential for every family and outdoor enthusiast

❖ Selected as one of “Our favorite learning apps… The Audubon Society brings you back to the land with their classic guides for birdwatching, treespotting, and more. ” -Netted by the Webbys, March 2011

❖ “The amount of information for each species and mention of similar species was helpful for trying to identify different animals. " — PTPA Award (Parent Tested, Parent Approved), 2010

❖ "All of the Audubon apps offer you extensive and detailed information about the birds, trees, plants, and mammals that you love." — MacWorld, 2010

Introducing the first-ever, multi-subject nature field guide App, Audubon Nature, your comprehensive guide to Birds, Mammals, Wildflowers, and Trees in North America. A 33% Savings over purchasing each of these apps individually!

From the creators of the leading Audubon Guide Apps, this App includes:

Audubon Birds – A Field Guide to the Birds of North America
Featuring over 750 species of North American Birds, from Chickadees to Condors and Eagles to Egrets, this guide includes the most current and complete information available on identification, behavior, habitat, range, diet, nesting, mating, migration, endangered status and more.

Audubon Mammals – A Field Guide to the Mammals of North America Your essential guide to mammals in the US and Canada featuring in-depth information on 240 species, drawings of mammals’ tracks, high quality photos detailing every species, information on range, habitat, diet, and much more.

Audubon Trees – A Field Guide to the Trees of North America
Your essential guide to trees in North America, featuring in-depth info on 906 trees in the US and Canada, this guide provides invaluable species information, over 2,000 beautiful photos, complete descriptions of leaves, fruit, habitat, range, and more.

Audubon Wildflowers – A Field Guide to the Wildflowers of North America
Your essential guide to flowers in North America, with in-depth info on 1,835 flowers in the US and Canada, Audubon Wildflowers provides invaluable species information, over 3,000 beautiful photos, range information, complete flower, petal, and fruit descriptions, and much more.


•An amazing library of bird songs and calls in crystal-clear audio.
•Thousands of Professional Color Photographs detailing each species with extraordinary clarity.
•In-depth Descriptions of Every Species, with authoritative information on appearance, habitat, behavior, and much more up-to-date from the National Audubon Society Field Guides.
•Real Time Availability, no matter where you are, even without an internet connection.


•State-of-the-Art search functions:
•Browse by first name, last name, and scientific name of every bird species, by family, or by species shape/type; or,
•Search by multiple “advanced search” variables including size, shape and color;
•A Universal Dashboard allowing you to navigate back and forth between species information, personalized Life Lists and Sightings, search functions and more with ease and clarity.
•Comparisons to similar species.
•Create your own Life Lists, Sightings, Photo Albums, and record your own field experiences. Track a species using the iPhone’s GPS, take a picture of it with the camera, take notes, and save to the App for records of your nature adventures.
• – The First Online Field Guide Community, allowing you to interact, post and share sightings, photos, tips, opinions and more.

Audubon Guides are a comprehensive series of interactive digital field guides that combine smart phone technology with the Audubon Society’s vast library of information about birds and all of nature.

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