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Whether you’re getting ready for your first year final exams, the MPRE or your bar exam, our proven outlines, lectures and practice questions ensure that you perform your best.

The BARBRI App is only accessible to students enrolled in BARBRI and is the most flexible way to prepare for the bar exam and law school exams. Study on your iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad. Use your own device or lease an iPod touch from us. Watch lectures and review outlines with more convenience than ever. Work practice MBE questions at home, between classes or at the coffee shop. Whenever you have questions or need support, help is just an email or phone call away.

To view a demo of the BARBRI App, click the “Demo” button in the upper right corner.

The BARBRI app includes:

- 1L lectures, practice questions, and outlines to prepare for law school finals

- 2L/3L lectures to prepare for law school finals

- MPRE lectures, practice questions, and outlines to prepare for the MPRE

- Bar review practice questions and outlines.

- Bar review lectures (including MBE and state-specific topics) are available by upgrading to BARBRI Mobile. For more information, please visit

- Download video or audio versions of the lectures, whichever you prefer

- Select a specific subject and answer practice questions without any time constraints, or take a 30 minute mixed subject exam

- Each question includes a full answer discussion to help you understand the questions you missed, as well as links to the section of the outline on that topic

- Mark difficult questions for later review

- The percentile rank feature shows how you are doing in each subject relative to thousands of fellow BARBRI students. Once you know your weak spots, you can give them extra attention before exam day.

- Review outlines using a detailed topic list in each subject

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