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Big Button Box 2

  • Category: Entertainment
  • Released date: 08/21/2010
  • Current Version: 1.5
  • Seller: Hamish Graham
  • Recommended Age: 9+
  • Download Size: 17630569
  • Last Update: 07/22/2011
  • Requirements: All

iPhone Screenshots

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Big Button Box™ 2 is the sequel to the chart-topping Big Button Box Pro! Press big buttons, hear massive sounds! Get it now and enjoy regular updates as we add more and more buttons until it is as big as the original!

- Big Button Mode: Let the button fill the screen
- Monophonic Mode: Play the sounds from the menu, one at a time
- Polyphonic Mode: Play the sounds from the menu with the sounds overlapping each other
- Sort the buttons into the order you want

iPhone 4, iPod Touch 4G & users using multitasking: You must go into your device's Settings > Sounds and increase ring volume to maximum

BBB2's buttons include: Lightning, Guitar Solo, Punch, Cartoon Fanfare, Raygun, Help, Insane Laugh, Blah Blah, Robot, I Love You, You Idiot!, Lion, Incoming, He Scores, Jeepers Creepers, Oh No!, Pyscho Strings, Nail Gun, Ah-Ha!, Angry Mutt, 8-Bit Game, Moo!, Flush, Sax, Im A Bad Boy, Bounce, No Way!, Metal Detect, Quiet!, Rewind, Good Gravy!, Sir Yes Sir!, Sir No Sir!, Awesome, Retro Phone, Ouch!

Update 1: Pogo, Strike, Sub Alarm, Ba Dum Tshh, Please, Yum Yum, Stop It!, I Don't Know, Huh!

Update 2: Cartoon Crash, He Da Man!, Wahoo!, Booyah!, Ratchet, Cool!, Sheep, Strike 3, You're Out!

Update 3: Mmmhmm, You Are So Hot, Synth Hits, Fantastic Mate!, Fireworks, Holy Moly!, Yawn, Yippee!, Zombie

Update 4: Get It On!, Andale Andale, Peeuw!, Liar Liar, Hooray!, Sparkle, Nice, Sneeze, Wise Guy Huh?

Update 5: Ring A Ding Ding!, What A Fox, Samba Whistle, Ride'em Cowboy, Thank You Very Much!, Sob, Yeehoo!, Ninja Star, What's Up?

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