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BizXpenseTracker - Expense, Mileage & Time Tracking

  • Category: Business
  • Released date: 02/03/2010
  • Current Version: 5.51
  • Seller: Silverware
  • Recommended Age: 4+
  • Download Size: 9394341
  • Last Update: 07/22/2011
  • Requirements: All

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GET ORGANIZED! Track your Mileage & Expenses in this easy to use, all-inclusive app. It's so powerful that it even extends to your desktop, MobileMe or DropBox. Includes time tracking capabilities and has many customizable features!

BizXpenseTracker is a complete expense tracking and reporting application for anyone wishing to report expenses for either tax reporting, reimbursement purposes or personal budgeting. Its power does not end at the iPhone but extends to the desktop by allowing emailing and exporting of the expense files and accompanying photo receipts directly to the desktop, MobileMe or DropBox.

Features include:

✔ Records all of your expenses and provides a running total for each business trip you take
✔ Completely customizable categories and payment types
✔ Sort expenses by "Date" , "Category", "Payment Type" or "Client." Sort can be ascending/descending
✔ Time tracking capability with additional ability to set date when entering total hours for time entry
✔ Many customizable fields
✔ Create and manage sub-categories via any easy to use interface
✔ Trips can be filed into groups to further organize your information
✔ Mark a trip as "reimbursed" or "submitted"
✔ For each category, the last payment type is remembered further simplifying data entry
✔ Keeps a frequently used list for appropriate fields like description and presents those when entering

✔ Supports ALL major currencies throughout the world so each expense can be entered with the appropriate currency. Save your most frequently used currencies in a favorites list to make selecting easy
✔ Downloads daily exchange rates from the web. Will even do exchange rate calculations
✔ Ability to set a default currency for the application with the option to change default for a particular trip
✔ Extensive support for VAT/GST

✔ Easy mileage tracking. Enter total distance or start/stop odometer reading. Will pre-fill start reading with last stop reading. Allows you to specify your reimbursement rate per mile. (miles or kilometers).
✔Optional multiple vehicle support- remembers odometer reading for each vehicle
✔ Remembers the mileage between two locations and pre-fills the mileage once a "From" and "To" are entered

✔ Ability to export and backup to MobileMe and DropBox with ability to omit export images
✔ Email your expense reports in either plain text or comma delimited (CSV) format for easy import to Excel or Numbers. Photo receipts are also emailed as JPEG attachments
✔ Export your reports directly to your Mac or PC via Wi-Fi connection and have your file immediately appear on your desktop. This CSV file can be easily imported into Excel or Numbers. Expense reports can be customized to filter and sort
✔ Includes client field and support for sorting and exporting by client
✔ Specify fields to be exported and the order in which they appear in the file
✔ Exporting csv file also exports all accompanying photo receipts. Includes the option to include a special export field that when imported into Excel, will provide a link to the photo snapshot
✔ Ability to customize export images in size and cropping

✔ Using the iPhone’s built-in camera, take snapshots of your receipts and then export them to your desktop. Option to store geotag (location information) to photo receipt
✔ View via map the location a photo receipt was taken
✔ Zoom in and out (up to 4x) as well as scroll an image
✔ Capture multiple images per expense and page through them with a simple to use interface
✔ Can name exported photo receipts with "unique number"

✔ Remembers the last trip you edited and returns you there upon returning to the application
✔ Backup/restore so your data will always be safe
✔ Includes password protection

Questions/comments? For a fast reply email us at: [email protected]

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