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Camera Plus Pro: The Ultimate Photo and Video App with Cool Filters


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Camera Plus Pro is the only camera app you'll need, with a great UI, amazing choice of shooting modes, video recording and cool filters, host of photo effects and editing tools with a built-in photo and video sharing network! Also find unique features like Wi-Fi sharing, video zoom, private collections and custom tagging.

In short, a complete camera app with Video, Photo, Effects, Edit, Manage and Share features.


☀ Great Experience:
Gorgeous UI made for Retina display, Cool animations.

☀ Enhanced Video Modes: 

Zoom, Pause, Time-lapse, Exposure Control, Grid Lines, Trim, Video Filters.
Also, record in the full resolution mode using the default camera mode within the app.

With the Time Lapse feature, you can create interesting fast-motion videos where the time seems to be moving faster.

☀ Photo Capture:

Capture options for all needs along with fast Auto-save. White balance lock and Touch exposure control. Use Grid Lines for Burst Mode to take well composed pictures.

☀ Photo Filters:
 (Some Special Filters does not work on an iPhone 3G)
Coffee, Retro Green, Chocolate, Antique, Retro Red, Washed, Pop, Scarlet, Glam, Frosty, Aged, Contrast, Moss, Faded, Velvet, Arctic, Toy camera, Arsel, Sepia, Grunge, Vignette, Lomo, Fantasy, Vibrant, Invert, HDR, X-Ray, Polarize, Warm, Sunset, Pop Art, Emboss, Pencil Sketch, Xpro, Heat Signature

You don't have to make multiple taps to flick through the filters. Just apply one filter and then swipe the image to browse through the filters set!

You can further enhance the images with the finest photo editing tools. These are non-destructive and your original images would remain intact.

☀ Distortion Effects: (Does not work on an iPhone 3G)
Center Offset, Pixelate, Bulge, Squeeze, Swirl, Noise, Light Tunnel, Fish Eye and Mirror.

☀ Photo Edit:
Retouch photos with the fastest tools. Crop, Rotate, Adjust and more. Use pinch-pan or double tap gestures to zoom-in and zoom-out of the images.

☀ Quick Roll:
Manage private collection, Search and many more.

☀ Share:
Copyright, Tags, Geo-tagging, Batch Uploads to Social Networking sites.

☀ Slideshow:
Watch your photos and videos with ease.

☀ Wireless Transfer:
Transfer videos and photos to your desktop wirelessly via WiFi/ FTP Share.

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Download the User Manual of Camera Plus Pro

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