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Welcome to Capital Yoga, a free app built by Jamine Ackert and Capital Yoga Publishing. The app is inspired by Jamine's "Beginning Yoga" class.

Jamine is a local yoga teacher, and teacher of yoga teachers practicing in Ottawa, Canada.

No internet connection is required to follow along with Jamine's helpful voice instructions and learn yoga poses from a master yoga teacher. This app includes parts of Jamine's "Beginning Yoga" class with a list of select poses and sequences. Each pose is described with pictures and both written and audio instruction. Each sequence can be played with Jamine's voice instructions, or with any music you choose from your own library while you move and breathe. In addition to her classes, with an Internet connection you can also follow Jamine’s spiritual guidance in her day to day living.

For only $1.99, Yoga with Jamine is available in the App Store now and includes all of Jamine's "Beginning Yoga" class with a comprehensive list of individual poses as well as a set of sequences.

Capital Yoga Publishing helps yoga teachers create their own yoga apps for their students.

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