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Cell Phone Tracker Pro FREE

  • Category: Entertainment
  • Released date: 03/20/2010
  • Current Version: 1.0
  • Seller: Reza ALIZADEH
  • Recommended Age: 4+
  • Download Size: 581443
  • Last Update: 07/22/2011
  • Requirements: All

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Don't be fooled by imitators - this is the original Cell Phone Tracker and now it's better and it's FREE!!!

New features:
 Now with more accurate location results
 Now with ability to store tracked numbers to your contact list

Imagine the look on your friends faces when they think you will always know where they are because you can track any cell phone on any network anywhere in the world! 

How to use:
- When you are with your friends, tell them that you have an app that will track their location anywhere in the world.
- When they tell you they don't believe you, punch in their cell phone number and click on Initiate Track.
- The app will then scan the world, transition across four different zoom levels and pinpoint their location (which is really your location) on the map with a radar icon marker. The marker will show their phone number as well as the city, state and country of their location.

How does it do this?
Well, it's actually finding your location, but since you are with them, they will think it actually found THEIR location. The super realistic transitions and graphics are sure to fool anyone. Trust me... everyone i have tried this on has fallen for it every time!

Please note that this application is for entertainment purposes only. This is a great gag app and is sure to trick your friends everytime!

- Pinpoint the location on a map
- Location will be indicated by radar icon and will display the phone number tracked along with the city, state and country of the location
- Select from three different map views - Standard, Satellite, and Hybrid
- Enter any cell phone number or select existing contacts from your Contact List
- Endless fun amazing your friends!

Requires internet connection!

Copyright 2010 Reza Alizadeh

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