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ChatTime - International phone calls at VoIP rates with carrier (IDD) call quality!

  • Category: Social Networking
  • Released date: 10/20/2010
  • Current Version: 2.0
  • Seller: SmartRoam Pte Ltd
  • Recommended Age: 4+
  • Download Size: 9363464
  • Last Update: 07/22/2011
  • Requirements: iPhoneFirstGen, iPhone4, iPhone3G, iPhone3GS

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Wouldn’t it be great if making low-cost international calls was just as easy and reliable as making regular calls on your iPhone? ChatTime is the only app that can be used Anytime and Anywhere to call ANY phone without relying on Wi-Fi or 3G data. Calls sound crystal clear - no echo, no dropped calls, no distortion and no delay.

Join the rapidly growing list of people saving with ChatTime:
* Used in 160+ countries
* Featured as What’s Hot in 24+ countries
* Top 50 ranking in 60+ countries
* Top 25 grossing in 50+ countries
* Free to try: UP TO 34 minutes in FREE calls

Earn FREE calling credits: Tell your friends about ChatTime and get $5 in free credit each time 1 of them makes their first credit purchase and another $5 each time 1 of their friends makes their first purchase. There is no limit to the free credits that you can earn- amazing!

ChatTime is the only app to offer true carrier grade voice quality and a calling experience that is just as easy and reliable as regular calls but at a fraction of the price.

Be free from the frustrations of having to locate a Wi-Fi hotspot, having mobility limited and suffering from dropped calls, distortion and echo!

** For iPhone Only, For International Calls Only, May Use Local Minutes **

* It’s so easy to use, making life easy!
* The call quality is always excellent
* No Wi-Fi: call to any phone from anywhere
* Call your existing iPhone contacts
* Fanatical customer support in 24 hours
* Great rates- no tricks, no connection fee
* No monthly subscription fee
* Easily buy credit with your iTunes account
* No credit card required

Using our Direct Dial (NOT Callback):
* Up to 97% less than your mobile carrier

* Less than Skype to 300+ destinations (comparison includes Skype’s connection fee)

* A 10-minute call to India will cost $.99 with Skype (includes their connection fee) vs $.69 with ChatTime. A 31% savings!

* A 10-minute call to Vietnam will cost $3.43 with Skype vs $.99 with ChatTime. A 71% savings!

* Do calling cards offer more talk time? Sadly, calling cards are famous for their tricks (hang-up fees, 3-5 minute rounding, activation fees, etc) all of which serve to deliver far less real talk time than what you paid for.

“This app is convenient! Rates are consistently low, and it's easier to use this app than buying a calling card! Very useful!”

“This application for the iPhone is so much better than Skype for the iPhone it's more reliable then the 3g on Skype it uses a cellular connection which is far more reliable then 3G or Wifi and it's connection is very clear and loud. And the rates are good.”

* Displays the local time in any country you call
* Smartly handles any number format
* Set Caller ID to OFF/ON for each call
* Paste and edit phone numbers in the dial-pad
* And much more…

ChatTime converts your international call into a local call or even an incoming call and uses the cellular network just like normal iPhone calls. This process is fast and completely seamless.

The cost of local minutes is a tiny portion of your mobile carrier’s international call charge, including local minutes you still save up to 97% with ChatTime. However, you can avoid using your local minutes by signing up for your carrier’s offer to make your most dialed local numbers free. Simply add ChatTime’s local number to the list to avoid using local minutes. US customers: check out AT&T’s A-list or Verizon’s Friends & Family program. Or sign-up for your carrier’s unlimited plan.

If your carrier offers free incoming calls then you can use Callback to avoid local minutes usage.

Every download includes $1 in FREE credit; using our Direct Dial (NOT Callback) lets you talk for UP TO 34 minutes depending on where you call. Use Check-Time to know exactly how long you can talk for.

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