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ChordPro SongBook is your perfect companion for performing your favorite music on the go. Whether you are playing guitar at campfires or piano in the Carnegie Hall – ChordPro SongBook won't let you down.

This version comes with 8 preinstalled songs, so you can take a look at the rendering quality and evaluate the usability of our tool. If you like the app and want to use your own song book, you can use file sharing. Converting them to being useful for the ChordPro SongBook is available via in-app-purchase.

This version of ChordPro SongBook supports songs in the Chord Pro format, which is very popular on the internet. If you don't have your songs already in this format, you should be able to find many songs on the net, search for 'ChordPro', 'ChoPro', or files with '.crd' extension.

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