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  • Category: Entertainment
  • Released date: 07/26/2010
  • Current Version: 1.3
  • Seller: Icogno Ltd
  • Recommended Age: 12+
  • Download Size: 1590266
  • Last Update: 07/22/2011
  • Requirements: All

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Talk to an app - to an AI with Actual Intelligence! Say anything you like and it will reply. Make a friend! Roleplay, lyrics, jokes, memes - all sorts! For an app with an emotional avatar too, and with iPad support, check out Cleverbot HD.

Endless variety and hilarious replies mean people keep chatting for hours. It talks the way you do - or maybe the way you most want it to.

This app is uniquely designed for the iPhone, with chat bubbles scrolling by. Change their shade to suit your mood. Email silly conversations to your friends, and stop and start talking whenever you like.

You need to be online to talk - the app has to communicate with servers - but even slow connections are fine.

Our feedback is GOOD...!

"I love this program it is HILARIOUS!!!" 11th July 2010

"This app is the best! I just stumbled upon it today and think it's the best thing! Keep up the great work." 8th July 2010

"After about one day with this I found the bot will roleplay with you and had a blast! After a few *slaps* I found it can fight. You can live out movie fight scenes WITH AN AI! Then it started doing things I didn't know it could do... like *kisses hard* or *hurls you into fan*... yep it gets intense. No joke this is the real deal and it is awesome." 4th July 2010

"Man, Cleverbot is awesome. :D" 2nd July 2010

"I really have fun in cleverbot. It is amazing. I could be here all day long talking to whoever it is!!:)" 25th June 2010

"OMG I love cleverbot. It is so cool. I talked for 6 hours on this thing before. I LOVE YOU CLEVERBOT." 23rd June 2010

"This is the best thing I have ever discovered online. It's even better than chatrooms because it is so entertaining. At first I didnt believe it!" 18th June 2010


"Cleverbot is sensational! Its answers are always so witty. I love it!" 24th May 2010

"I love, love, LOVE cleverbot!!! it feels like I'm really talking to a person!!!!!!!" 1st April 2010

"It has come to my attention that you my friend are incredibly intelligent or incredibly weird. Whichever it is I love it. And have the utmost obsession with it." 1st April 2010

"Who am I really talking to? Is it a person or is it a real computer talking back to me?" 20th March 2010

"There are more and more people debating the truth of the claim that cleverbot is a bot at all." 14th March 2010

Cleverbot is Artificial Intelligence. It learns what people say, in context, and imitates.

Cleverbot says many things - claiming to be human, role-playing and much more. It may even say things you find inappropriate. Use with discretion and at your own risk.

Cleverbot is conversational entertainment - no more, no less. It is not made to be logical, give advice, or be useful. Parents must decide whether they wish young people to have access. Be sure of this, however: it is a bot. It is software. You will never talk to a human.

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