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Crosscheck is task management done better: lightning fast, simple yet flexible, with first class support for cloud sync and collaboration.


Crosscheck is designed to be the fastest, most flexible to-do app out there. It gets out of your way so you can jot down your tasks and it goes out of its way to do the managing for you.

✔ Crosscheck’s unique shorthand notation lets you #tag, @assign, !prioritize, and [schedule] tasks as you type—no need for tapping through a maze of menus.

✔ Sort, filter, group, and organize your tasks however you like. Crosscheck won’t make you follow anyone else’s workflow.

✔ It’s the little touches. Give Crosscheck a try and you’ll agree it’s the attention to detail that puts Crosscheck above the rest.


Crosscheck Pro cloud service gives your tasks incredible reach. Share and collaborate with your team, seamlessly sync between your devices, and never worry about backups again. Can't you just feel the productivity?

✔ Stay in Sync. Crosscheck Pro keeps tasks on your iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch automatically synchronized. Just grab whichever device you have handy and you’re looking at your latest and greatest tasks—no need to set up special software or remember to sync with iTunes.

✔ Seamless Security Net. Crosscheck Pro keeps your tasks automatically backed up to its cloud-based service so no matter what happens, you can be sure your data will be right where you left it.

✔ Effortless Collaboration. Easily collaborate on tasks from anywhere with other Pro users. Crosscheck Pro keeps shared tasks in sync so the whole team is always up to date no matter where they are.

✔ Great Integration. Crosscheck Pro lets you keep tabs on your tasks right from your other productivity apps. Get access to RSS and iCal calendar feeds of your tasks in your web browser, news reader, and calendar application. You can even create tasks just by sending an email.

✔ Top Priority Support. If you ever have a question or a problem your email will be sent straight to the front of the line for the fastest support response.

✔ Extra-High Security. Your data is protected by strong TLS encryption while it's traveling over the Internet—the same technology used by e-commerce and banking sites to keep your private information private.

"Crosscheck is a productivity application with an edge. The smart design coupled with excellent integration makes it a contender for one of the best designed to-do applications out there." [4.5 of 5 stars] — Kyle Flanigan, 148Apps

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