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Data Usage

  • Category: Utilities
  • Released date: 08/20/2010
  • Current Version: 3.0.2
  • Seller: Kartik Patel
  • Recommended Age: 4+
  • Download Size: 697203
  • Last Update: 07/22/2011
  • Requirements: All

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Data Usage monitors cellular (3G/Edge/GPRS) and Wi-Fi data usage real time from your device.

Set data quota and billing cycle information and let Data Usage worry about making sure you don’t pay for overages again. App runs in background periodically, shows usage percentage as application badge and sends you alert when you exceed specified usage level. With this most precise tool, you are always in control of data plan limit and save hundreds or thousands on data overages by investing just $1!

★ #1 paid utility in UAE & Malaysia; top 10 paid utilities in Canada, U.K., Spain & Hong Kong; top 50 paid utilities in New Zealand, Singapore, Norway, United States, China, Mexico, Jordan & Dominican Republic and 50 other countries.

★ "Data Usage is great for those who run the risk of exceeding their limit. If you fall into that category, Apple’s Settings application no longer makes the cut. That makes it a great buy!"

Cool feature competitors don't have:

✔ brand new user interface, icon, settings and help section (new!)
✔ monthly, weekly and daily quota limits (new!)
✔ separate cellular and Wi-Fi billing cycle and quota settings (new!)
✔ customize progress bar, data unit and launch settings (new!)
✔ monitor usage as app badge without ever opening app again (new!)
✔ universal application – don’t need to buy iPad version separately (new!)
✔ progress bar turns yellow indicating caution on crossing avg. usage (new!)
✔ reads data usage from device no carrier login needed.
✔ works with ANY phone carrier around the world.
✔ track data hog application by checking since last run counter
✔ continuous background data usage monitoring & geo-tagging*
✔ real-time customizable alerts on exceeding certain usage**
✔ billing period data usage and avg. data usage on same progress bar
✔ most precise data tracking engine.
✔ auto reset on billing period end*
✔ notification to reset on billing period end for non-multitasking device**
✔ simple setup – just enter billing period and quota
✔ predictive data usage analysis – estimates likely billing cycle usage based on current usage.
✔ shows remaining days, quota and quota per day in easy to read format.
✔ suggested usage – suggests daily usage based on current consumption.
✔ last place data used.
✔ works with iphone/iPod running iOS 3
✔ email support from within app.
✔ full user help included with app.

* this feature is supported on devices supporting multitasking.
** this feature is supported on iOS 4 or later.

This app features most advanced data usage tracking engine, which is more precise than any other app out there. This is the only app that constantly monitors your usage and average usage plan on same progress bar. For example, average usage is 100 MB on 15th day of billing cycle for 200 MB monthly plan. If you are going over average usage at any given point in your billing cycle, by default, progress bar will turn yellow. This unique feature ensures that you evenly spread your usage and you are not left with little quota towards end of billing cycle.

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