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  • Category: Productivity
  • Released date: 05/30/2009
  • Current Version: 2.8
  • Seller: Naim Choudhry
  • Recommended Age: 4+
  • Download Size: 993181
  • Last Update: 07/22/2011
  • Requirements: All

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Your life in days... days keeps track of all your important dates, from days gone, annual events, and days to go, with no frills nor fluff, just quick and easy, and useful to boot...
... when was that? old is she? ...when did they get married? ...for that long? long do I have to wait for that? ...Oh no, I have to get a new passport! ...which days do you want to remember?

day stores your important dates, and can notify you of events coming up. For any future event, you can select how many days in advance you want to be alerted, from on the event day to up to 9 days prior.

days allows you to share events across any iOS device, both to devices you own or anyone else with an iOS device running days. Great for sending To-Do lists or schedules to friends and family, or entering event details on an iPad and sending to your iPhone.

days organises events into three broad independent tab bar groupings:


Great for annually recurring events, just enter the details once and days will always remember:

- Birthdays
- Anniversaries
- Name days
- Death dates
- Public Holidays
- Historic Events
- National Celebrations

Days Gone

Great for important dates that you would like to remember from the past:

- Medical Dates
- Personal Dates
- Project Milestones
- Employment Dates
- Education Dates
- Equipment Age
- Journal / Log Book

Days To Go

Great for keeping track of important dates coming up in the future:

- Warranties Expiring
- Membership / Subscription Renewals
- Contractual Dates
- Legal Documents Expiring
- Bank Cards Expiring
- Project Deadlines
- Appointments
- House Chores
- Equipment Maintenance
- Vacations

This tab works great as a to-do reminder for scheduled chores and maintenance tasks, in these cases just enter the task once, and edit the date to the next due date when completed, and or copy to the days gone tab as a log of when you completed the task.


- Local notification alerts, you choose which events you want to be alerted to and how many days before
- Intelligent badge counts both within the app and on the home screen icon
- Enter un-limited notes for each event, which will be displayed on the details view in a scrollable yellow sticky
- Quick and simple entry and maintenance of events (one screen does it all!)
- Instant sorting by Days-to-Go / Gone / Alphabetical
- Instant filtering by Category
- Copy entries across the lists
- Search feature with full editing capabilities within searches
- Built in date calculator
- Full Multi-Tasking support
- Prefferences to control display behaviour and set alert time.
- Universal app (iPad/iPhone/iPod Touch) with sharing features to transfer events between all iOS devices. This app uses the most reliable and free cloud service available - your e-mail. Just send an e-mail to yourself whenever you change or add any event using the e-mail backup feature. All event details can then be imported back in to days on any iOS device by clicking on the e-mail file attachment.

E-Mail Backup and Share

All events can be exported for backup, printing, importing, or sharing via the e-mail functions.

- Send elegantly formatted HTML Tables
- Export events for importing into Desktop applications (tab delimeted plain text files)
- Backup/Transfer events for automatic re-import back in the days app using the e-mail file attachment feature. Just tap the attachment file in the e-mail and choose the "Open in Days" option. This is great for transferring data across your iOS devices.
- Share Event Details with any other days app user. Just select the events to share and e-mail them to another days user. They will be presented with the events and can choose which items to import.
- The e-mail options also let you specify which items to include in the mail (Annual Events, Days Gone, Days To Go), and if in category filtering mode, specify whether only the current filtered category should be sent.

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