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Drum Kit Pro

  • Category: Music
  • Released date: 07/15/2008
  • Current Version: 3.4.1
  • Seller: CrimsonJet LLC
  • Recommended Age: 4+
  • Download Size: 14812046
  • Last Update: 07/22/2011
  • Requirements: All

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Ever wanted to play the drums? Drum Kit is the closest you can get without a real kit.

Drum Kit is the fastest and most realistic drum app in the App Store. It blends in cymbal sounds like a real kit, a feature that isn't available on any other drum app.

Drum Kit been featured by Apple in iPod Touch TV commercials, billboards, and Apple retail stores.

You can play along to songs from your iPod Library and record your own versions of them. You can even layer tracks on top of each other, such as adding cymbals and fills to your existing songs. You can even create your own original songs.

Drum Kit is also the perfect app for cranking out that fill for the punchline for lame jokes. But it offers much, much more.

"If you are a drummer or constantly tapping on things, you may really enjoy this app" -Ars Technica

"You know those beats you have always found to be missing in your favorite song? Well, you can make it happen now" – Katie Gatto,

Drum Kit is updated frequently, with new sounds, themes, and features.

★ 6 piece kit (4 toms, snare, bass, hi-hat (open and closed), crash, ride, splash)
★ Acoustic, Electronic, and Industrial themes
★ Five different kits: Classic/Rock/Hip Hop/Techno/Dance and more coming soon!
★ Repeated cymbal taps blend in like real cymbals
★ Visual feedback when drum head is tapped
★ Professionally recorded, high quality 16-bit stereo drum sounds
★ Play multiple drum heads simultaneously
★ Extra long bass drum touch area for double bass (new: slide back and forth for fast double bass)
★ Play along with songs in your iPod library, add beats or fills
★ Record tracks, load and edit tracks
★ Metronome: tap BPM to set, or set manually
★ Recording Count-In

YouTube video of Drum Kit: (New Girlfriend by Reina Delcid)

♬ Tap the info button on the bottom right
♬ Tap the record and play a beat. Tap the stop button when done and give your track a name.
♬ You can play on top of a track while it's playing for multi-track recording
♬ Use the metronome and count-in for easier recording

You can now slide your fingers across Drum Kit to play rolls. Turn on rolls in Settings and change the BPM (beats per minute) to fine tune your rolls. Try sliding in a circle around toms and snare for instance.

♬ Electronic Theme Pack: Includes two drum pad-style themes; a retro electronic theme, and a harder-edge industrial theme.

♬ Kit Remains The Same: A 70's style vintage kit. Includes new kit graphics and studio recorded sounds.

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Lead Developer: Shane Vitarana

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