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Emergency First Aid & Treatment Guide


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** New 2011 CPR guidelines now available **

The definitive mobile guide for First Aid and a must-have phone app!

With in-house medical staff, close cooperation with American Heart Association and Red Cross and millions of hard-copy guides in print, we've been delivering First Aid content that is trustworthy, accurate and proven for over 30 years. Now, our new and improved content can be on your phone at a fraction of the hard-copy price!

Topics include everything essential you can expect from a complete mobile first & treatment reference guide. There are even special sections covering what to do for infant and children emergencies.

Offline Access! There’s always a chance wireless or internet service will be unavailable or too slow when you need help in an emergency. Our guide runs local on your phone, so you will always have a super fast local reference to DOZENS of medical emergencies that will help you handle almost ANY of these quickly, correctly and safely - whenever and wherever you need it.

Topics include:

1. Emergencies: What to Do
2. Fear and Panic

3. Choking - Adult
4. Choking - Child
5. Choking - Infant
6. CPR - Unresponsive Adult *NEW*
7. CPR - Unresponsive Child *NEW*
8. CPR - Unresponsive Infant *NEW*
9. Airway / Breathing *NEW*
10. Defibrillators / AED
11. CPR Summary *NEW*

12. Bleeding, Bruises, Internal Bleeding
13. Nosebleeds
14. Heart Attack / Stroke
15. Asthma Attack
16. Burns – First, Second & Third Degree
17. Burns – Electrical
18. Burns – Chemical

19. Shock – Anaphylactic (Allergies) *NEW*
20. Shock

21. Fractures & Sprains
22. Splinting
23. Back/Neck Injuries
24. Head Injuries / Concussion
25. Poisoning
26. Calling Poison Control *NEW*
27. Eyes Injuries
28. Convulsions / Seizures
29. Diabetic Emergencies
30. Fainting
31. Heat Cramp
32. Heat Exhaustion / Stroke
33. Cold Emergencies
34. Frostbite

35. Bites & Stings - Insects / Bees
36. Bites & Stings - Spider / Marine
37. Bites & Stings - Snake / Animal

38. Fever / Body Temperatures / Chart
39. Dental Injuries

40. Drowning
41. Emergency Births *NEW*
42. Emergency Births - What to Do
43. Emergency Births - Delivery
44. Emergency Births - After Birth

45. First Aid Kit - Essential Items
46. USA, Canada & International Emergency Numbers

47. About
48. Support
49. Fast Search! *NEW*

This is an app you hope you will never need to use, but when you need it, you'll have it ready at your finger tips.

Medical information is based on the new 2011 guidelines of the American Red Cross and international health organizations.

Like all our 'phoneflips', this lightweight application has NO Adverts, NO In-App Purchases, never needs an internet connection and won't take up much space on your iPhone. Portrait & Landscape mode supported.

For hard copy versions please visit our store at:

Thank you!

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