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Emoji Plus - Best Emoticon Keyboard!


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Start typing Emoji icons directly on your iPhone keyboard today! Send emoticons to your friends in Mail, SMS, Notes and all other apps!

More than 460 Emoji icons to choose from. See what you can type:

Just imagine how you chat with your friends:

Would you like to have a cup of  with me  ?
It's  today! I want to play  or  !
I like  on the Internet !
Here is a  for you . I hope you  it .
It will be  later,  may I borrow your  ?
Do you like  and ?


To enable Emoji:

1. Buy and launch the app, it's called "CharMap" on your iPhone

2. IMPORTANT: In the app, press the "More..." button (on the lower right corner) 5-6 times consecutively, a message box will popup saying "You just unlocked the Emoji page..." and you will be brought to the Emoji page.

3. On the Emoji page, press the "Enable Emoji" button on the top right corner to enable Emoji keyboard.

4. After enabling Emoji, quit the app and
For iOS 4 users:
Goto Settings > General > International > Keyboards > Add New Keyboard then select "Emoji"
For iOS 3.x and 2.x users:
Goto Settings > General > Keyboard > International Keyboards > Japanese and turn on Emoji switch.

5. Reboot your iPhone

Note: After the emoji keyboard is enabled, you can safely uninstall this app.

To use the Emoji keyboard on Mail, Messages, Notes or any other app, tap on the Globe key next to space bar to bring up the Emoji keyboard.



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