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Fast Camera


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The Fastest Camera in the App Store. Just tap the App Icon and this app starts taking high-resolution 5MP or VGA pictures as fast as possible in sequence. No loading screen, no menus, nothing to slow the App down. Review images when finished. When there's no time to waste, tap Fast Camera and point to start shooting as fast as possible.

You can even change orientation by rotating your device while shooting to get a mix of portrait and landscape images on the fly!


1. Tap the FAST CAMERA Icon

2. App will load instantly and immediately start taking pictures to memory at full resolution 5MP or VGA as fast as possible depending upon settings in preferences. You can also now turn off the "Auto-ON" feature.

3. Tap the STOP button at any time to stop taking pictures. All pictures to that point will only be saved in temporary memory. This will bring up the REVIEW and START buttons.

4. Tap the REVIEW button to choose which images you want to save to your camera roll or delete.

What could be simpler, faster and more efficient when you can't afford to miss that special event, emergency situation or newsworthy moment, turn to FAST CAMERA.

Keep it on your home screen for emergencies.

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