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Finance.Calc - Loan and Investment Calculator

  • Category: Finance
  • Released date: 06/09/2011
  • Current Version: 1.0
  • Seller: CalcApps Limited
  • Recommended Age: 4+
  • Download Size: 2343338
  • Last Update: 07/22/2011
  • Requirements: All

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A calculator to help manage the major financial decisions in your life.

FREE for a limited period.

Finance.Calc - Loan and Investment Calculator - is a powerful financial app incorporating 5 intuitive-to-use calculators. Use pre-loaded examples or input your own data, calculations are instantly displayed along with graphs and charts. Save, print and email results for use in spreadsheet software like Excel.

It includes:
∗ Loan & Mortgage Calc
∗ Invest To Retire
∗ Income From Investments
∗ NPV Calc
∗ Bond Calc

*** Numerical and graphical results ***
Each of the 5 calcs is a bit like a spreadsheet or workbook with multiple tabs. Each calc produces a graph or chart and shows the details of the calculation.

***IPhone and iPad***
Each calculator has layouts that are specifically tailored for the iPad and iPhone/iPod in both landscape and portrait modes.

***SAVE, PRINT and EMAIL results ***
You can save your results and email them as a csv file (and then load them into a spreadsheet) or print to an iOS 4.2 compatible printer.

*** TIPS ***
All inputs and outputs on the screen have associated tips that are activated by touching and holding your finger over them. There are also built-in examples for each calculator, to help you get started.

CalcApps can add any new calcs to this app or extensions to the ones already there.


Calculate loan or mortgage repayments.
Change the target value to calculate the principal, interest pa, residual value or term.
Calculate the effect of fees on repayments.
2 Charts show:
• Decline in the balance of the principal
• Split between interest and principal payments over time

Calculate the size of fund to aim for retirement
Calculations based on time, current savings, regular contributions and investment yield.
Change the target value to calculate the time to retirement, etc.
2 charts show:
• Impact of fees and inflation on fund size
• Build up of fund over time

Calculate retirement income based on retirement fund
Calculations based on fund size, investment yield and years of required income.
Change the target value to calculate the fund required for a given income, etc.
2 charts show:
• Decline in fund over time
• Income drawn over time

Calculate net present value (NPV) and internal rates of return (IRR) for a given cash flow.
Calculations based on single discount rate or zero rate/forward rate curves.
3 charts show:
• Cash flows over time
• Zero and forward curves
• Discount factor curve

Calculate bond yields, values, duration and convexity.
Calculations based on a single yield value or zero rate/forward rate curves.
3 charts show:
• Cash flows with time
• Zero and forward curves
• Discount factor curve

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