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Fitness Pro

  • Category: Healthcare & Fitness
  • Released date: 12/11/2009
  • Current Version: 2.2
  • Seller: Martijn Gun
  • Recommended Age: 4+
  • Download Size: 11680638
  • Last Update: 07/22/2011
  • Requirements: All

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- 450+ exercises photo's with reference
- photo's of real people (no drawings)
- search option for fast finding your exercise
- possibility to create your own workout schemes
- various build-in routines to get you started
- simple and easy logging
- advanced log graphs and log results
- track and map your runs
- share your runs with friends with the free online portal
- no registration
- no lite version or limited use


----Exercise reference----
It doesn't matter if you prefer staying at home to do your exercises or prefer doing this in the gym. Fitness Pro can help you train more effectively! Are you tired of doing the same exercises over and over again? Did you ever wonder if you are doing exercises correctly? Training better and more effective is what Fitness Pro is all about!

With an exercise library with over 450 exercises you will always find the exercise that suits your needs. Just tab a category, browse through all exercises or quickly search for a specific exercise. Tab the exercise to get a helpfull picture showing you how to perform the exercise. For more in depth instructions, simply switch to the detail view of an exercise at any given time!

----Create your own Workouts----
Fitness pro is a great tool to help you plan and create your personal workouts.

Workouts are based on a weekly scheme, in which you can add up to 7 different training days. Simply search or browse through the extensive list of over 450 exercises and choose one to your liking!
Personalize each exercise by simply tabbing them. Choose the reps and weight relevant to your training! Once you've personalized all exercises to your liking, you simple select the training day that's relevant and start with your workout!

Fitness pro is a great app that holds a massive amount of exercises and is a great reference source, but where do you start as beginner? No worries! Simply choose one of the preset routines that fits your needs and get started!

Learn your body and muscles so know what exercise will fit you best.
By tabbing a muscle anywhere on the overview you can see detailed information and exercises relevant to this specific muscle!

----Adding & viewing logs----
Fitness Pro 2.0 contains an advanced logging system that can assist you in tracking your progress. Just start logging your exercises during a training so you can track your progress in detail. Watch the progress for individual exercises or see the total results on a monthly or even yearly base! You'll be amazed at the extra incentive it will give you, after you see a month's progress with different runs or the increase in weight you've lifted!

----Track your Runs----
The "Log and Map run" function lets you keep track of all your runs in great detail. Before you start running, simply select music from your device to enjoy during the run and hit the start button. While running, you can see your progress being tracked live!

We understand that during a heavy or sweaty workout you don't want to constantly look at your device, so we build a voice response system to keep you updated!

All logs are saved so you can review you're runs in great detail after wards!

----Online Portal----
The online portal is a new way to show your runs in greater detail. In addition it will show distance markers and elevations graph. Also it will let you share your runs with your friends, it has a seemless integration with Facebook and twitter. We are currently working on a live view option which let you share your run live with your friends. Your friends can send you even a live cheer! The portal is currently in a Beta state and is Free available for all Fitness Pro users. Current subscribers will get soon receive there login information.

These are just some of the new highlights we believe you'll love. There are many more features in the app to discover!

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