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  • Category: Healthcare & Fitness
  • Released date: 03/26/2009
  • Current Version: 3.8.2
  • Seller: PumpOne
  • Recommended Age: 4+
  • Download Size: 138312980
  • Last Update: 07/22/2011
  • Requirements: All

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ipad_screenshot_url_1 ipad_screenshot_url_2 ipad_screenshot_url_3 ipad_screenshot_url_4, the most comprehensive fitness program in the world, will transform your fitness lifestyle. It contains the largest library of exercise images & videos (up to 5,600+), the most challenging workouts across all disciplines (up to 750+), access to a live personal trainer and the most complete set of workout building & performing tools, fitness calculators, tracking, scheduling and progress graphing features.

FitnessBuilder is both consumer & professional oriented. Whether you are a beginner trying to get your fitness lifestyle started, an enthusiast looking to excel further, or a personal trainer or medial professional looking for a complete complement of fitness & physical therapy tools, FitnessBuilder has what you need in the app and online at

Choose your Location and Goal to get hundreds of complete workouts.
*See for access levels.

Drag & Drop to create personalized sessions using the world's largest exercise library including: Bodyweight, Dumbbells, Barbell, Swiss Ball, Med Ball, Kettlebells, Cables, Machines, TRX, and more.
*See for access levels.

Download FitnessBuilder today, and when Web launches Spring 2011, you'll access all your content from a computer, syncing with the app. NOTE: Limited time offer.

Standard access is automatic when you download, including the upcoming Web-access:
• 2,300+ Exercise images & videos
• Video & Audio Streaming Coaching
• Workout Builder for drag & drop creation
• 280 Challenging Workouts
• Track Strength/Cardio, History & Rep Max
• Body Stats, Weight Tracker, BMI/BMR, etc.
• Graphs per Exercise, Workout & Body Stats
• Schedule workouts to your Calendar app
• Fitness Plans are multi-week, day-by-day
• Next Workout Intelligence
• Ask a Fitness Question to exercise physiologist
• Share Workouts to friends & family
• My Photos tracks before & after changes
• Multi-Device syncing & backup across iOS,
• Logs can be Exported, Edited & Shared
• Posts Progress to Facebook & Twitter
• 5 Timers - Workout, Rest, Up, Down & Sets
• Content Sync auto-adds workout content

In-app *option* provides the ultimate consumer access to content, online services & tools as Monthly or Yearly subscription (non-recurring):
• 758 Workouts - the most found anywhere
• 5,600+ Exercise images & videos
• Print Workouts to PDF
• Print Progress Graphs & Before/After Photos
• Post Workouts to Facebook & Twitter
• Ask Unlimited Fitness Questions
• Receive Unlimited Workouts
• Content Sync auto-adds workout content

PRO ACCESS - for Fitness Professionals
PRO gives personal trainers, coaches & gym staff the only paperless tracking tool that provides guidance to individuals/large groups:
• Train & Track clients, students, athletes
• Create & Share workouts via app or email
• Print Custom Workout PDFs
• Print Client Exercise & Body Stat Progress Graphs
• Pro-Client Sync returns shared workout logs
• Your logo & name in-app & on exercises
• Group Share blasts workouts to large groups
• Build training business & increase client value

PT ACCESS - for Therapy Professionals
PT Access provides physical therapists, orthopedic surgeons, chiropractors and other therapy professionals rehab tools to help guide patients to full recovery with complete compliance monitoring:
• Create New or Edit 350+ therapy workflows
• Protocols for major non-op & post-op injuries
• 1,400+ PT-specific exercise images & videos
• Track rehab on Patient Dashboard
• Send rehab workflows to patients
• Print custom session PDFs
• PT-Patient Sync returns shared therapy logs
• Your logo & name in app & on exercises
• Group Share techniques with staff & peers

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