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Free HD Compass

  • Category: Navigation
  • Released date: 06/25/2010
  • Current Version: 1.5
  • Seller: Christophe Conceicao
  • Recommended Age: 4+
  • Download Size: 4419694
  • Last Update: 07/22/2011
  • Requirements: iPadWifi, iPad23G, iPad3G, iPad2Wifi

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★★★ The best and unique free High-definition compass for the iPad! ★★★

Simple and beautiful rustic style compass now in your iPad and for free!!!

★★ No Advertising !! ★★

This app is totally FREE and the inaccuracy depends on the sensor of the iPad, please avoid comments like this:

"If I was lost in the wilderness I would stake my life on
This App..................NOT!!!!

P.S. I want my money back."

This app is FREE... :-P

Many thanks for the other reviews:

- "Thank you to make this app free it very useful. .coool"

- "It worked straightaway and I was sat on the couch! it is accurate according to my Sat Map. it looks good as well."

- "En corrigeant le problème d'orientation, cette boussole sera parfaite !


- "Lock the screen and this works perfectly. And it's pretty, and free."

- "I compared this compass with the iPad google maps and it does indeed point north. You just have to hold the iPad flat (parallel to the floor)."

- "Works fine as long as you lock the iPad orientation (above the volume control)."

- "This compass app works great - after you calibrate your iPad. Wave the iPad in a figure-8 motion in front of you, tilting the iPad from side to side as feels natural, and your iPad compass should be calibrated. Repeat until satisfied.

The iPad's compass seems to be sensitive to interference - I notice it points towards windows in brick buildings, apparently sensing the Earth's magnetism through the windows, but not through the bricks. Of course, why would you want to use a compass indoors anyway?"

- "I was just about delete this app as the worse compass ever invented but then I thought "surely someone cannot have made it look this good but didn't bother to make it point north! What happens if I lock the iPad screen rotation?". Hey presto! It now works as well as my iPhone compass. Just flick the switch next to the volume rocker."

- "Für alle die zu blö*d sind diese App zu benutzen: Ihr müsst euer iPad erstmal in einer acht förmigen Kreis drehen damit sich euer iPad klibrieren kann! Dann funktionier auch der Kompass und zeigt in der richtigen Richtung! Danke für die App!"

- "I tried compairing it to my compass and it works only if you hold your ipad flat on your palm of your hand and make your palm flat and hold it away from any medal and it works! I love bringing it to my boy scout meetings when we use compasses"

- "Ich verstehe die vielen negativen Bewertungen nicht. Die App zeigt, was der Kompass so her gibt - ich habe es auf einem iPad installiert. Natürlich funktioniert der Kompass nicht überall - meine Frau nennt unsere Neubau-Bleibe nicht um sonst "Stahlbetonbunker" - da macht schließlich auch mein Handy schlapp. Aber im Freien funktioniert der Kompass einwandfrei."

- "Weer een apparaat minder mee te nemen!

Met dank!"

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