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Glitches for Black Ops

  • Category: Reference
  • Released date: 01/31/2011
  • Current Version: 1.2
  • Seller: Digital Hot Sauce
  • Recommended Age: 9+
  • Download Size: 3256875
  • Last Update: 07/22/2011
  • Requirements: All

iPhone Screenshots

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Glitches includes:

16th Prestige in Combat Training
2 Tomahawk Glitch with Scavenger
3 Care Packages with 5 Kills
Array Glitches: Bouncing Claymore
Array Glitches: Out of Array
Array Glitches: Wall Breach
Array Spots: Hiding Spot
Buy Classified Weapons at Any Level
Care Package Glitch
Care Package Stacking
Cheat Codes
COD Points to Spend On Player Card After Prestige
Colored Clan Tag Glitch
Cracked Glitches: Claymore Glitches
Cracked Glitches: Out of Cracked
Crisis Glitches: Inside Truck
Crisis Glitches: Invisible Wall
Crisis Glitches: Wall Breach
Custom Colored Classes
Dog Barriers
Double Killstreaks in Search
Drag Random Players Into Combat Training
Easy To Do Glitches
Executive Order Glitches: Out of Executive Order
Executive Order Glitches: Out of Map
Firing Range Glitches: Claymore Glitches
Firing Range Glitches: Out of Firing Range
Firing Range Glitches: Out of the Map on Firing Range
G Walk Glitch
Get Clan Tag and Emblems as a Level One
Get Gold Guns at Any Prestige
Get On Top Of Targets
Get XP Using Split Screen
God Mode
Grid Glitches: Out and Under Grid
Guest Account Clan Tag Glitch
Hanoi Trolling
Havana Glitches: Dog Barriers
Havana Glitches: Sky Dive
Havana Spots: Ledge on Havana
Host Modded Lobbies
Increase Sprint Speed
Infinite Flamethrower
Infinite Radar Jammers
Jungle Glitches: Indestructible Claymore
Killstreaks For Free
LAN Prestige Glitch
Launch Glitches: Dog Barrier
Launch Glitches: Under Launch
Launch Spots: Sniper Spot
Launch Spots: Sniping Spots
Look Like a Dead Body
Make Killstreak Rewards Count Toward Killstreaks
Money Glitch
Never Lose Points in Wager Match
No Fall Damage
No Gun Glitch
Nuketown Easter Egg
Nuketown Easter Eggs: Mannequin Easter Egg
Nuketown Glitches: Dog Barrier
Nuketown Glitches: Out of Nuketown and Swimming Pool
NukeTown Glitches: Under NukeTown with RC-XD
Nuketown Spots: 2 Hidden Ladders
Number Glitches: Out of Numbers
Out of All Maps
Out of Map With RC
Perfectionist Challenge Trick
Pick Up Team Mates Claymores
Play Any Game Mode With a Party
Play Black Ops While Banned
Prestige Guest Account
Prestige In Combat Training
Pro Perks Without Completing Pro Challenges
Project Nova: Out of Project Nova
Purchase Emblems and Player Card From Combat Training
Purchase Expired Contracts
Radiation Glitches: Under Bridge
Radiation Spots: 2 More Spots
Radiation Spots: Spot on Radiation
Radiation Spots: Spot on Radiation
RC-XD Glitches
Rebirth Glitches: Out of Rebirth
Redemption Glitches: Out of Redemption
Reduce Recoil
Reset Other Player’s Rank
Retain Custom Classes, Attachments and Pro Perks After Prestiging
Reticle and Lenses Early
Run Around With RC remote
Scrapping Hind with Tomahawk
Silently Plant Bombs
SnD on Combat Training
Summit Glitches: Flying Glitch
Summit Glitches: Hiding Spot
Summit Glitches: Out of Summit
Summit Glitches: Out of Summit
Summit Spots: Hiding Spot on Summit
Summit Spots: Tower on Summit
Unlimited Claymores Trick
Unlimited Gun Glitch
Unlimited Tactical Grenades and Monkey Bombs
Unlock Dead Ops Arcade
Villa Glitches: RC-XD Wall Breach
Villa Glitches: Secret Room
Villa Glitches: Wall Breach
Vorkuta Glitches: Out and Under Vorkuta
Wager Match Glitches
Wager Match with a Party
Walking Gunship Glitch
WMD Glitches: Wall Breach on WMD
WMD Spots: Another Spot
WMD Spots: Jumps and Spots on WMD
XP In Private Match Glitch
Zombie Walk
Zombies Glitches: Five Barrier Glitch

and Many Many More...

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