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Got Lyrics? ~ An Enhanced iPod Experience w/ Song Lyrics

  • Category: Music
  • Released date: 09/19/2009
  • Current Version: 1.4
  • Seller: Ximii, LLC
  • Recommended Age: 12+
  • Download Size: 4397452
  • Last Update: 07/22/2011
  • Requirements: All

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Stop wasting your time (and money) on lyrics apps that offer little and aren't properly maintained. Got Lyrics? is your ticket to the lyrics for more than 1.4 million tracks. Whether you just want to sing along with your music or you need to settle an argument about the "real" lyrics to a song, Got Lyrics? is the most fully-featured and consistently maintained lyrics app available and it's ON SALE for a limited time! Click "...More" below to learn more!

Can't remember the lyrics to your favorite song? Just want to sing along as you're listening to your iPod? Arguing with your friend over the lyrics to "Space Oddity" by David Bowie? Then this is the app you're looking for! Got Lyrics? is powered by the largest licensed database of lyrics available, containing over 1.4 million tracks. By combining lyrics search with the other great features of our popular myTunz app, Got Lyrics? takes your iPod experience to the next level. The rich and intuitive user-interface is fully integrated with the native iPod player on your device, giving you the full iPod control you're accustomed to, but loaded with other great features like these:

* Automatically fetch and display the lyrics for every song in your iPod library. Or, take a peek at the top songs in iTunes and view the lyrics even if you haven't purchased the song. And, if all else fails, search the entire database of 1.4 million tracks by artist, title and/or lyrical snippet. The lyrics to over a million songs are literally at your fingertips!

* Use swipe and tap gestures to control basic iPod functionality - ideal for jogging or workouts at the gym. You'll effortlessly control your music library with simple swiping or tapping gestures instead of fumbling around for those tiny buttons. Easily skip tracks, rewind or adjust the volume while you're working out or using the treadmill!

* Set a playback timer and listen for a while as you work, study or nod off. You can use the volume fade-out feature to slowly dim the volume of your favorite podcast as you drift off to sleep and you'll never wake up to a dead battery again!

* View lyrics that you've already downloaded even when you don't have a network connection - a great karaoke companion. The offline lyrics cache allows you to easily find the lyrics no matter where you are because you don't need a connection to recall the lyrics you've already downloaded. Just search and sing!

* Share what you're listening to using email, Twitter or Facebook. Bestow your musical tastes, opinions, thoughts and whimsical musings upon your legions of friends and followers!

* Watch YouTube videos related to the currently playing song with a single click. Or, search YouTube by keyword and find the latest viral video sensation!

Download Got Lyrics? NOW and get all of these great features and MORE!

NOTE: For certain features (lyrics fetching in particular), Got Lyrics? depends heavily on accurate ID3 tag information for the artist and title. Missing or malformed ID3 tags will inhibit Got Lyrics? from finding the appropriate content. Some examples of missing or malformed artists/titles include "Unknown Artist", "Track 01" and "02 Song Title". PLEASE keep in mind that even with proper ID3 tags, not every song will have lyrics available. However, LyricFind is constantly working to add new tracks, so more and more will become available over time.

NOTE: Due to licensing restrictions, please note that lyrical content cannot be shared. Got Lyrics? is iOS 4.0 certified and iPhone 4 retina display ready.

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