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Free group messaging with anyone you know. Works on any phone.
Now works over data—no text plan required!

Group Messaging
- Start groups with the people already in your contacts, or invite them from Twitter, Facebook, and email.
- Send and receive messages using your data connection, or use text messaging when you don't have a great connection.
- Share photos with your groups inline.
- You can have as many groups as you want, and it doesn't cost a penny.

- Add your location to any message you send.
- See all group members on a map so nobody gets lost.
- Check into foursquare when you add your location [optional].

Conference Calling
- Every group gets a unique phone number.
- Any group member can call the number to start an group conference call.

Works with every phone
- Every phone that can text can start groups, participate in chat, and start conference calls.
- Unique phone numbers for every group means nobody is left out.

All that and so much more... absolutely free.

GroupMe — Your Real Life Network.

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