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Homeo1aid (S) has been created for homeopathic first aid support by the german homeopathic practitioners Susanne Stoppel and Peter Mohr. It will guide you to finding a reliable and suitable homeopathic remedy. The informations presented are based on more than 20 years of experience.

The highlighted feature of this application is the integrated “Homeopathic Repertory”. You can select your main complaint, your modalities (i.e. what relieves or aggravates your complaints) as well as a wide range of individual, mental, emotional and physical symptoms. 

After having selected your current complaints you will receive a list of suitable remedies sorted according to priority. The most likely remedy will be listed on top. 

But wait – there is more. Read up on whether the dynamic of the remedy fits with your particular situation. The detailed description of the remedies in a “materia medica” (remedy description) will provide helpful information.
In order to establish the proper dosage there are instructions that will support and guide you

Furthermore the application offers detailed instructions for medical first aid situations as well as introductions to understanding and using homeopathy. You will find links to pharmacies and organizations who are working with classical homeopathy from all over the world.

If you are less familiar with homeopathy, you will find under ‘instructions’ a brief introduction to homeopathy. You can also look up our homepage and read more articles on homeopathy. 

The application is available in two versions, S (small) and M (medium). An X and XL Version will follow soon. This version contains the 3 most important homeopathic remedies for emergency help with an accident as well as 25 indications and 286 individually selectable symptoms.

It is useful to have these remedies available in a first aid care kit as key pendant.

Nevertheless it does not provide a substitute for calling a doctor or emergency rescue service.

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