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****ABOUT iMapWeather Radio ****
With iMapWeather Radio you will receive critical voice and text alerts on life-threatening weather events. Your iPhone will “wake up” and also “follow you” with alerts wherever you go. Listen with ease to local weather forecasts while you are on the move. Enjoy the power of a Weather Radio, with all the convenience and precision of a smart phone.

There is no other alerting app like iMapWeather Radio. Here is why we are confident this is the best alerting app in the iTunes store:

We have made significant improvements to the application based on your reviews, feedback, and support inquiries. Thank you for your input. Look for more improvements soon. Please read the "What's New in this Version" for the latest updates.

•More Precise Alerts: iMapWeather Radio provides more precise alerts than those offered by the typical consumer alerting service. Most alerting services will alert you to severe weather if you are in a county only partially covered by a watch/warning, even if you are not actually directly in the watch/warning. With iMapWeather Radio you only get an alert if your device or saved locations fall inside a watch/warning box. That means you are not disturbed by false alarms.
•Follow Me: Follow me is a critical feature if you are on the go. Imagine you are driving through severe weather, or trying to get away from severe weather. This app will alert you if you enter an area where a watch/warning is subsequently issued, without you having to do anything. You don’t have to stop and add a new location. The app will make sure to deliver alerts to you no matter where you are.
•Friends and Family: iMapWeather Radio can follow your current location alerting you to dangerous weather, but you can also save five additional stationary locations. That means you can make sure friends and family, at school, out of state, at a ballgame, etc., are safe as well.
•Battery Management: The application is designed conserve your battery even though it uses GPS to give you alerts for your current location. We can’t give away our secret sauce, but just know we are careful to limit the GPS usage and we dynamically reduce the usage to help extend battery life.
•Audio: iMapWeather Radio provides audio alerts in the form of beeps followed by a brief description of the alert type. The audio could wake you in the middle of the night or give you the information you need when you can’t stop to look at the phone. Furthermore, you can always listen to the alerts and forecast for your area at any time.
•Video: In markets where local media partners participate, you can get streaming video of severe weather coverage. So, you can get up-to-the-minute coverage.
•Trusted Provider: WDT Inc., is a trusted weather provider for most of the major weather brands in the U.S. Weather is our business and has been for more than 10 years. That means you can count on us to create a top notch app and continue to improve it.

*Data and alerting available for the United States only.

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Some users have experienced the alerts list appearing empty when they lose connectivity during use. In order to address this, please shut down the app and restart it. We are working to resolve this issue.

Visit our support page for FAQs and questions.

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