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iWorldNetDaily - World Net Daily NewsReader

  • Category: News
  • Released date: 10/01/2009
  • Current Version: 1.0
  • Seller: Joseph Nardone
  • Recommended Age: 17+
  • Download Size: 159772
  • Last Update: 07/22/2011
  • Requirements: All

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World Net Daily is a Conservative & Libertarian news web site that reaches 8 million readers per month.

The iWorldNetDaily - World Net Daily NewsReader app for iPhone and iTouch is a custom web browser designed to quickly load and display the news stories and photos from the web site.

The iWorldNetDaily - World Net Daily NewsReader application will allow you to read every story from the web site in half the time that it would take using any other mobile phone browser.

The iWorldNetDaily - World Net Daily NewsReader is designed to take advantage of the advanced capabilities and rich user interfaces of the iPhone and iTouch. Rather than displaying the story links on a single page, the places the links into a scrollable list that iPhone and iTouch users prefer.

Users can quickly see the images and scan the story titles i available on the World Net Daily web site. Tapping a link opens a full-size window so that the linked news item can be read immediately or after only one double tap to enlarge the print. Thats all - no tap or one tap to select the section, one tap to select the item, and no taps or two taps to begin reading. When you are done reading the story, a single tap brings you quickly back to the scrollable lists of links.

The scrollable list of stories and the full-size story window can also be viewed in landscape mode by rotating the iPhone or iTouch.

Since World Net Daily continually updates their web site, iWorldNetDaily - World Net Daily NewsReader features a Refresh button to update its list of linked stories.

Please note that though all the links on WordNetDaily are interesting to read, some of them may lead to advertisements for books, bumper stickers, political campaigns, or the store.

Also, the iWorldNet Daily Newsreader was not developed by but by an independent application development company. Your app purchase price supports the continued and free improvements to the app. Your support of the advertisers supports the reporters and the production of content for the web site.


Joseph Nardone

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