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Micromedex Drug Information


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Drug Information on the Go – NOW Available IN 90 Countries

This application is not a trial. Now you can access the same content you rely on in Micromedex on your iPhone for free. Drug Information contains the industry’s most comprehensive drug information and is backed by the same thorough, unbiased editorial process as Micromedex. Now from anywhere, clinical care teams can instantly get information to support confident treatment decisions.

Drug Information is a free resource for on-the-go access to the industry’s most trusted clinical reference information, providing users the peace-of mind of knowing the information is from Micromedex®, coupled with the ease of use of iPhone and iPad. An internet connection is not required, allowing for access at anytime from anywhere.

Drug Information contains concise information on 4500+ search terms, covering:

· generic names, including selected combination products
· common trade names
· therapeutic class
· black box warnings
· dosage, adult
· dosage, pediatric
· dose adjustments
· indications (differentiated as “FDA labeled” and “non-FDA labeled”)
· administration
· monitoring
· how supplied
· contraindications
· precautions
· adverse effects (separated into “common” and “serious”)
· drug interactions
· pregnancy category
· breast feeding
· mechanism of action
· pharmacokinetics
· toxicology

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