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Miniatlas Gastroenterology

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  • Released date: 05/16/2011
  • Current Version: 1.5
  • Seller: Licitelco S.L.
  • Recommended Age: 12+
  • Download Size: 92588897
  • Last Update: 07/22/2011
  • Requirements: All

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The Miniatlas Gastroenterology is the perfect pocket tool for physicians. With just a few taps on their iPhone, iPad or iPod touch doctors can use the app to effectively communicate with their patients, showing them illustrations to help explaining the anatomy&pathology related to their digestive disorder. All the relevant aspects of the specialty are included in great detail. Whatever you’re looking for, the Miniatlas Gastroenterology App has an image for it.
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All the organs of the digestive system perform together a vital function: to prepare food for absorption and later utilization by the millions of cells in the human body. It is a complex system and so there are many types of digestive disorders. The symptoms vary widely depending on the problem: your patient might come in to see you because of reasons as different as blood in his stools,diarrhea, constipation, abdominal pain, or persistent heartburn. The complaints can be nonspecific, varied and subjective, therefore a good level of communication between you and him is required, so you can perform a thorough medical history and an accurate diagnosis. And for your patient, reasonable knowledge about his disease is critical so he can gain a sense of control over it and trust and comply with your management plan. We now present you with a convenient utility that will make your consultations more informative and dynamic. The Miniatlas Gastroenterology Application is the ultimate tool to pull out a great presentation about any of the most frequent digestive disorders in a simple and fast way. Its collection of high quality medical illustrations about the anatomy , physiology and pathology of the digestive system will help greatly in supporting your verbal explanations, so your patient can easily understand what is happening to him and also feel confident enough to ask you as many questions as he needs to become engaged and proactive in his treatment. Maybe he just wants to know more about his condition; or perhaps he wants you to explain to him his test results. Whatever his needs are, the high quality illustrations and clinical images included will support your answers and advice - every time.
This amazing app is portable and convenient, always at the ready on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch device. It provides detailed images and explanations of every aspect you should bear in mind and all the info your patient might what to know. Wherever you are, the enormous database of images related to Gastroenterology is there at your fingertips when you need it. Use it with your patients and peers to provide clarity and save time.

The Miniatlas Gastroenterology offers you incredible features:
*A huge database of detailed and labeled images related to Gastroenterology
*Includes clinical pictures
*Each illustration has an explanation text beneath it
*Zoom in with your fingers to any section of the picture
*Easy search – just type part of the topic you’re looking for
*Email any image or section of an image you need
*Helps physicians to effectively and more easily communicate with their patients
*Available in English or Spanish localization
*Works in portrait or landscape mode
*Available in iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch versions.

Great for sending notes to your office staff, your patient or a fellow colleague!

Just in case you doubt the thoroughness of the Miniatlas Gastroenterology, here’s a list of the chapters that you’ll get when you download the App:

*Anatomy and physiology of the digestive system (48 images)
*Pathology of the digestive system (38 images)

Be assured, everything is covered. Once you start using the Miniatlas Gastroenterology with your patients, you’ll never want to be without it again.
Go ahead and download the Miniatlas Gastroenterology app now. Your patients and peers will all thank you for it.

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