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Montessori Crosswords - Teach And Learn Spelling With Phonics-Enabled Alphabet and 300 Words for Children

  • Category: Education
  • Released date: 08/07/2010
  • Current Version: 3.0
  • Seller: pierre abel
  • Recommended Age: 4+
  • Download Size: 16717279
  • Last Update: 07/22/2011
  • Requirements: All

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★ New-York Times - "The 3-year-old has learned to spell compound words through an app called Montessori Crosswords, her mother said"
★Children's Technology Review "Editor's Choice Award for Excellence in Design" - 4.8 stars out of 5 - "It is an extremely powerful early reading experience."
★"Best literacy app in my opinion" Sue, National Board Certified Teacher
★Featured by Apple in "Apps for Learning to Read" & "Words for the Wise"

➜300 word-image-audio-phonics combinations appropriate for ages 3/4 to 8 to help kids develop their reading, writing and spelling skills using the proven Montessori learning method
➜Phonics-Enabled Movable Alphabet
➜Touch letters of words to hear phonics
➜Choose Words according to difficulty (3 series) or sound (44 categories)
➜Recommended by teachers and parents

★Wired's GeekDad - "5 Favorite Apps for Elementary School iPads" - "An excellent tool for learning spelling and early literacy (...) It can build from simple to more complex words making it usable by students from prep through to grade 3 or 4"

★ (rated 4) - “Montessori Crosswords is a great way for kids to develop literacy in an engaging way that feels like play." (rated 4 stars)

★ (rated 4.5)- "This iPhone kids app is one of my favorite reading/writing learning apps I have reviewed so far. The application is easy to use for both parents and kids and focuses on reading/writing skills in a fun way."

★ Teachers' Reviews:
-Sue on - "I just have to say I love Montessori Crosswords both as a parent (to 2, 7, and 8 year olds) and K teacher. I like that the app is appropriate for the developmental levels of my students and all three of my kids"
-Jennifer (2nd Grade Teacher) - "this is a fantastic app (...) I can use it as is in the classroom tomorrow and benefit from it"
-Cindy - "This is one of my favorite educational apps. I highly recommend it for the children who are learning to read and spell. The kids also love the interactive artwork as they complete a puzzle."

★ Users' Reviews
"Fantastic - best reading tool for my daughter yet!"
"I am a Speech-Language Pathologist and use this application as a reward for my patients. It is a nicely made game and the soothing colors, sounds and animations add a special touch that the children truly appreciate"

★300 different word-picture-audio combinations
★ When a letter of the alphabet is touched, a phonic is played according to the word displayed
★3 levels of phonetic difficulty appropriate for ages 3 to 8 (as defined in the Montessori method)
★Level 1 displays simple words for beginning readers (contains only short vowels sounds).
★Levels 2 and 3 automatically create multi-word crosswords in tens of thousands of different combinations, encouraging unlimited repeat play.
★ Focus on a single phonic and select only the words that contains that phonic (44 categories)
★21 Fun and colorful interactive visual effects are displayed when a word is completed. Visual effects animate and change as they follow your child’s touch.
★Also included is a Movable Alphabet that allows open-ended activities for young children learning their letters. Letters can be rotated and resized to add to the fun.
★Packed with animations and sounds to create a fun and enjoyable experience!
★Children can play alone or with a parent. Includes instructions on how to use the game as an educational tool.
★Choose capital, lower-case or cursive letter display.
★Universal App - works on your iPhone and iPad

Visit for a video demo and tips on how to use the app as an educational tool.

Email questions or suggestions to [email protected]

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Recommended Ages: 4-7,8-10
Categories: Early Learning, Letters, Reading, Phonics, Spelling

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