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Multi Lang Dictionary and Translator + Text to Speech with English Spanish Chinese French German Korean Russian and more!


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The Multi-Lang Dictionary is now completely redesigned! This app uses Online Dictionary and Translate Services, Wiktionary, and our own Offline Dictionary Reader to give you accurate and multiple translations and definition entries!

★★ Features ★★

This app is the only app with Online & Offline Dictionaries, Translation, Text To Speech and Romanization on the App Store.

★ Online Dictionary

+ 25 languages to English and vice versa
+ 11 self-explanation dictionaries
+ Fast, accurate and multiple definitions
+ Related Phrases
+ Web Definitions
+ Pronunciation rules for English, Chinese
+ Swap languages
+ Share definition via email
+ Add to starred
+ Open links to Wikipedia, WordNet, etc. if available

★ Offline Dictionary

+ Multi Lang Dictionary Reader works for 49 downloadable offline dictionaries including:
* English to English, Arabic, Hindi, Persian, Urdu;
* Bilingual between English and Bulgarian, Chinese, Croatian, Czech, Esperanto, French, German, Greek, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Latin, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Thai, Vietnamese, Welsh
* Bilingual between German and Russian
+ Fuzzy Search in offline dictionaries for more possibilities
+ Swap languages
+ Share via email
+ Add to starred

★ Wiktionary

+ 23 languages, including with detailed explanations
+ Uses the community built Wiktionary
+ Word of the Day
+ Etymology, pronunciation, etc.
+ Share via email
+ Add to starred

★ Online Translate

- 53 languages with 2809 pairs
- Translate words, phrases, sentences, even paragraphs quickly
- Online Text-To-Speech for 34 languages
- Pinyin for Chinese(S), Romaji for Japanese and Romanization for Bulgarian, Greek, Hindi, Korean, Macedonian, Russian, Serbian, Thai and Ukrainian
- Copy the translation and can be pasted to anywhere
- Swap languages
- Share translation via email
- Add to starred

★ Offline Text to Speech

- Speaks in 34 language pronunciation rules
- Speaks in 37 accent pronunciation rules
- Customize speech rate (wpm)
- Toggle male/female voice
- Share speech via email

★ History

- Keeps a list of defined and translated words, sentences (max 1000)
- Sorts by date
- Distinguish Online Dictionary, Wiktionary, Offline or Translate
- Searchable
- Delete individual entries
- Filter by All, History, and Starred

★ See for all available languages

Please Note:

1. We are not affiliated with Online Dictionary and Translate, Wiktionary in any way and we are not responsible for the accuracy of these services.
2. All offline dictionaries are free to download from internet and we don't hold the copyright on them.
3. A few of the above features are defined as pro features with in-app-purchase. Greatly appreciated for your supports.

Works for iOS >= 3.0

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