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Introducing the Muscle & Body magazine app for the iPhone and iPad!

Muscle & Body is the start of a new physique for you, a chance to remake
yourself into the stuff of your dreams. Not only will you be able to
download the current issue for free, but you’ll be able to access, every
past issues, all for free.

Muscle & Body is destined to become your primary information source, keeping
you in touch with the latest advances in training and nutritional
supplementation. And we’ll provide this knowledge in understandable and
practical terms. We take the guesswork out, giving you take-home
instructions in plain English without annoying hype and obscure scientific

Muscle & Body is not a one-way conversation, either. You’ll find multiple
Q&A departments to help clear up vexing problems that stunt your progress.
We want to be nothing less than your on-call expert for all of your
bodybuilding and athletic needs.

Information changes. Nutritional supplements keep advancing with new
formulas and ingredients. Since we’re right there with the big boys of the
industry, getting the inside scoop on exciting developments in nutrition
technology, you’ll never be behind the times.

If you’re the kind of person who wants to control your own destiny, to chart
your own successful path in life, this is the information resource for you.
At Muscle & Body, we take our mission seriously.
*internet connection required.

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