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MuseBox Radio - Pandora box music and tunes for ring tones with facebook

  • Category: Music
  • Released date: 08/30/2010
  • Current Version: 2.0
  • Seller: Karthik Janagiraman
  • Recommended Age: 12+
  • Download Size: 2507678
  • Last Update: 07/22/2011
  • Requirements: All

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### Free for limited time !! ###
### AirPlay Enabled!! ###

Musebox is for music lovers who want to listen to great music without having to search for it. We offer the most listened to stations which are considered popular among many listeners. No huge list to search through. Just pick your favorite genre of music and you’re on your way to listening to great music. The user interface is simple to use, allowing you to change the channel with a flick of the finger. You can find many other apps that offer streaming radio, but you’ll notice the difference in quality with Musebox!

Here are the genres that are currently carried:

•Hip Hop

Musebox supports MULTITASKING and its one of its kind in performance, we have tried to keep the User Interface as simple as possible (Coz we believe simple is the best), we are constantly trying to update the App frequently with new features and updates

Try this and let us know what do you think, your feedback will definitely make a difference to our team.
Please share it with your friends if you like it. :-)


★ Simple UI, Even kids can use it! Everything happens in a Single page, you don’t have to navigate to a channel and come back to change it.

★ Around 20 channels in each genre, and still adding (Only channels that have good quality will be screened and added with careful testing to give best user experience)

★ Displays the Current playing song information.

★ Sync the latest channels from our server instantly with a click of a button. No more dead channels and more channels will be added daily and upon request.

★ Change language or genre instantly and also without stopping the music.

★ You can set the Sleep Timer for the Radio, the Radio plays for that time and turns itself off, You can sleep to the tunes of your favorite songs without bothering to turn it off!

★ Connect to Facebook and share Musebox with friends, Help us improve with your feedback!

Need any more features? Just let us know we are evolving and your feedback really makes our life easy.

★★★★★ - KarmikStinger - Version 1.5 - 11 May 2011

“Just downloaded this and I'm so luvin it. Especially diggin the "Groove Salad" station under favorites and the "Frisky Radio" station…”

★★★★★ - Eliza28 - Version 1.5 - 11 May 2011

“..Its been easy to use and I've enjoyed the music selections in the couple of categories I've checked out…”

★★★★★ - Mr. Remy - Version 1.5 - 04 May 2011

“I really like this application, sweet and simple.”

★★★★★ - Kaykay:) $$$$$ - Version 1.5 - 02 May 2011

“It's great I love listening to it! … “

★★★★★ - Pinkal - Version 1.5 - 02 May 2011

“Thanks to developers for this app, it’s amazing and plays very new songs unlike other apps... Thanks much for this app. Also it works flawlessly in background...”

★★★★★ - porschepilot - Version 1.5 - 02 May 2011

“ Perfect, simple. I use it every day…”

“Works out of the box, No BS settings required.”

Do connect with us in Facebook. (search for “Musebox Radio”)

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