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Music Theory Pro

  • Category: Music
  • Released date: 09/18/2010
  • Current Version: 1.0
  • Seller: Joel Clifft
  • Recommended Age: 4+
  • Download Size: 18931355
  • Last Update: 07/22/2011
  • Requirements: All

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*** #8 in the App Store (Music Category, USA) ***

" incredible tool for both amateurs and serious musicians. Anyone taking music theory or ear training courses needs this app. The competition aspect is brilliant, keeping students' interest and challenging them to become faster and more accurate."
Dr. Alan Smith
Chair, Keyboard Studies
USC Thornton School of Music

Music Theory Pro was created by Dr. Joel Clifft, a music professor at USC and at APU. His students joke, “It’s like having Dr. Clifft in my pocket!”.

Beginners quickly become Pros
Users who are just learning music will be able to practice naming notes on the piano and on the staff. As they progress they will master key signatures, intervals and chords. The help files provide detailed explanations for each concept.

Already a Pro? Sharpen your ears
The ear training section provides several challenges for the more advanced student. It takes a sharp ear to identify seventh chords and modal scales quickly. There is even a tempo quiz to identify beats per minute!

Customize your game
Settings allow you to adjust the difficulty for each skill. Use this feature to limit the type of questions you will receive. You can also use this to focus on the areas that need the most work.

Increase your skills by competing with others
Various exercises propel you to higher scores, which you can post to compete for top ratings. Who will be #1 in the world this month? Could be you!

Users will practice identifying by sight –
Note Names
Key Signatures

Users will practice identifying by ear –

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