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Net Cam 16

  • Category: Productivity
  • Released date: 06/15/2011
  • Current Version: 1.1
  • Seller: Gregory Foster
  • Recommended Age: 4+
  • Download Size: 1714207
  • Last Update: 07/22/2011
  • Requirements: All

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Net Cam 16 V1.1 for iPad,iPod,iPhone
For Panasonic,Foscam,Axis,Canon,Generic network/IP cameras.

See there & control there when you cant be there!

----------- Features -----------

- Supports 16 Network cameras.
- Supports Insteon & X10 Device control via Insteon, SmartLinc 2412N controller.
- Supports stretching video to fill screen.
- Supports Rotation, Portrait & Landscape.
- Supports viewing up to 8 camera on a single screen (multi view)
- Supports activating the first 10 preset positions of the cameras and the home position.
- Supports programming the first 10 preset positions of the cameras.
- Pan/Tilt & 'Optical Zoom' on supported cameras.
- Keep alive option which let's you adjust your video streaming to best fit your bandwidth, enabling fast switching.
- Capture images to camera roll by clicking camera icon.
- Email function to capture image of video and attach to an email.
- Supports inverted (mounted on the ceiling) cameras.
- Supports mirror image option for Foscam cameras.
- Supports flip image option for Foscam cameras.
- Supports rebooting cameras.
- Supports enabling and disabling motion detection for a single camera and a global option for all cameras.
- Supports turning on or off of IR/LED Illuminators.
- Function to sequence through your choice of presets of each camera.
- Supports native 640x480 camera resolution for full view and 320x240 for multi view on iPad.
- Supports native 320x240 camera resolution on iPhone & iPod.
- Supports hi-resolution selection per camera

----------- FUNCTIONS -----------

Keep Alive:
This option will keep the camera connected when switching to another camera view. This will keep the video active so the video is instant when returning to the view.

Stretch video to fit to screen: (iPad)
This option will stretch the standard 640x480 window to fill the screen width.

Use 640x480:
Forces the video stream to 640x480 to prevent camera video output from changing on recording software.

Toolbar Buttons:
Refresh = Reconnect to the camera.
Camera = Snap a picture which will be stored in the camera roll. To view the pictures that have been captured, go to "Photos" on the device. The images will be found in Camera Roll Photo Album.
Home = Returns the camera to it's set Home position.
P1 - P10 = Move the camera to the positions set for presets 1-10.
+ & - buttons = Zoom IN and OUT on cameras that have a mechanical zoom.
Panasonic cameras: Scan & Tilt Scan = Scans the entire range up & down or left & right then returns to starting position.
Foscam cameras: Scan & Tilt Scan = Scans the entire range up & down or left & right. The buttons will change to Stop PS or Stop TS and the function can be canceled. If not canceled (stopped) after 80 seconds, the buttons will reset.
(This application currently does not support DIGITAL zoom)

Pad Lock:
Used to prevent accidental tapping of buttons. The "locked" padlock indicates that camera control buttons are locked.

If the camera is mounted on the ceiling. This function will reverse the pan & tilt functions and flip the video.

Press and hold for 3 seconds. The dwell time and a custom preset tour can be configured (The default dwell time is 10 seconds.)

------------- INFO -------------

I will continue to improve these applications and publish free updated versions to the App Store.
I will be adding support for other camera manufacturers.
Please feel free to email me if you have a request for a specific camera support in the application.
I pride myself on customer satisfaction so your feedback is welcome.

If you are happy with the application, Please leave me feedback. The positive feedback inspires me to improve the app!

This application assumes a camera is configured with a username and password and is accessible VIA a standard HTTP:// address.
Please visit my web site for new information:

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