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Pack & Go - To Do, Task and Travel Packing List

  • Category: Travel
  • Released date: 10/13/2009
  • Current Version: 3.0
  • Seller: Red Box Productions
  • Recommended Age: 4+
  • Download Size: 3048537
  • Last Update: 07/22/2011
  • Requirements: All

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***Comprehensive 100% Custom Travel Packing List and Automated Task & To Do Push Notifications Reminder system***

Never again forget to pack your toiletry bag, favorite jeans, laptop charger, airline ticket or any other items next time you go on a short outing around town, a business or a long vacation trip.

Pack and Go is your simple solution to make sure you pack and take with you everything you need next time you leave home so you are always prepared and have peace of mind.

Pack & Go is an extensive “To Do”, packing travel checklist and automated tasks reminder system. Pack & Go is designed for ease of use so you can quickly and easily use this tool when navigating your busy life. You can start managing your trips instantly by using ready-made packing lists tailored for business or vacation trips, or customize and personalize your own travel or shopping lists by adding photos, sounds or background colors. Use an extensive catalog of hundreds of items to add to your list. Additionally, if an item does not exist in our catalog, you can customize your lists further by adding new item names and descriptions.

- CREATE 100% custom lists for unlimited number of trips
- USE an extensive master catalog of hundreds of items and multiple category groups
- SCHEDULE unlimited and 100% automated custom task iPhone alerts
- PLAN trips with To Do preparation category and action items
- CHOOSE from multiple ready-made packing lists to get you immediately started
- "SAVE AS" your custom lists as a re-usable templates and make new copies
- EDIT custom lists by choosing specific category groups and gender specific items
- ADD and EDIT any item or category names and descriptions in master catalog
- DELETE or RESTORE any previously deleted item or category to master catalog
- HIDE or SHOW items listed in categories
- COLLAPSE category folders to hide list items for scrolling ease
- PRIORITIZE category folders and items within a custom list by drag and drop functionality
- SORT custom list items in ascending or descending order
- HIDE or SHOW previously packed items to simplify viewing
- EDIT quantity number of items to pack
- PERSONALIZE your custom lists with photos, background colors, font type and sounds
- SEARCH and select items across all categories
- VIEW running tally of category items checked
- CHECK packing status progress bar and number of checked items
- EMAIL packing list status updates to others
- ACCESS on screen help and how-to information

- SCHEDULE Tasks & To do Reminders - Schedule and keep a log of personal automated travel tasks reminders, notifications and alerts for yourself and family.

Categories include:
- To Do (ex. Renew passport)
- Home (ex. Turn off gas)
- Work (ex. Request time off)
- School (ex. Contact teachers)
- Shop (ex. Buy new luggage)
- Pack (ex. Check airline restrictions)
- And anything else you wish to set-up automated alert reminders
- Also, set up repeating alerts for each task and specific sounds to your tasks


***"Pack & Go Deluxe" tops the favorite list of "11 iPhone Apps for Stress Free Family Travel"***


- Create unlimited number of custom lists for every family member (babies, toddlers, children, adults
- Create unlimited custom lists for your pets
- Create unlimited custom shopping lists
- Extensive travel "To Do" preparation category with action items
- Password-protected Briefcase functionality to easily store and retrieve important travel information for every family member
- Twice as many categories and hundreds of additional items to choose from
- Multiple ready-made packing lists to get you started immediately

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