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Pimple Popper Lite

  • Category: Games
  • Released date: 10/12/2009
  • Current Version: 3.1
  • Seller: Room Candy Games
  • Recommended Age: 9+
  • Download Size: 8644859
  • Last Update: 07/22/2011
  • Requirements: All

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iPad Screenshots

Celebrate the weekend with our Pimple Popper Lite! New minigame added to the most downloaded pimple game in the world! #1 in 71 countries! We always say - once you pop, you can't stop! :D

**Try our other new app: Me So Ramen! If you love instant noodles, this app will definitely give you instant fun! :)

Keep life simple - pop a pimple! Haven't tried our Pimple Popper Lite app yet? Why wouldn't you? It's a party in an app because once you pop, you can't stop! ;) By the way, we just added a new minigame where you, uh...get to pop more pimples! Are you ready for some ooey gooey goodness?

Pssst...can you keep a secret? It's even more fun watching your friends play our app because their reactions are always priceless - you just don't know if they'll laugh or scream. Either way, fun for all! :D

We realize that our players come from all over the world so we just want to take a moment to say hi to a few of them:

To our Danish players: Mange tak for at spille vores spil!

To our Spanish players: Muchas gracias por jugar! Estamos muy agradecidos!

To our Japanese players: 遊んでいただき、ありがとうございました!我々は非常に感謝している!

To our Malaysian and Indonesian players: Terima kasih banyak untuk memain app kita. Yang bikin app ini orang Indo! ;)

And a special shout out to our players in Singapore! The creator of the app spent a few years there and it's truly a beautiful island! :D Thanks for making us #1 Overall app!

And to the rest of you folks: We thank you from the bottom of our hearts! We are so delighted to be part of "pop" culture. :) Happy popping!


Laughter is good for you, and better when it's free! New face added plus a new scab mechanic - as we like to say, scab is FAB!

It's an app you need to experience for yourself and even better when experienced together with friends! ;) Pimple Popper Lite has over 5.1 MILLION downloads and #1 Overall Free App in 52 countries - we are not zitting you! We are so grateful that our little app has been downloaded so many times - we know hundreds of thousands of you play daily, so happy popping! :D

Pimple Popper is a must have classic for your iPhone/iPod/iPad. When you play in front of your just never know whether or they'll scream or laugh! Love it or hate it, once you play our app, you'll never forget it! Plus, how many apps are created by a girl? This one is! ;)

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Pimple Popper <3 You! Thanks so much for those of you around the world who have downloaded Pimple Popper Lite - we are so very grateful! Really! We're currently working on a new level and a new gameplay. Also, the pimples on the faces change positions when you replay the app, so you can always replay the levels you have beaten!

Last but not least, you may be wondering why is there an app for pimple popping? Because it's a little gross, but extremely entertaining!! :D Seriously, if you can't even laugh at a pimple, we think you're taking life waaaaaay too seriously! Pop and enjoy! Thanks for checking out Pimple Popper Lite. If you're still reading this, download our app already! ;)

The #1 most downloaded pimple game for the iPhone in the world! Experience what all the, fuss is all about! Happy pimple popping!

Room Candy Games presents Pimple Popper Lite - a preview to the zit zapping, pimple popping, squeeze-o-rama!

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