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RxmindMe Prescription / Medicine Reminder and Pill Tracker

  • Category: Medical
  • Released date: 09/27/2010
  • Current Version: 02.10.00
  • Seller: RxmindMe, LLC
  • Recommended Age: 4+
  • Download Size: 7635118
  • Last Update: 07/22/2011
  • Requirements: All

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RxmindMe is the iPhone Prescription Reminder App for your iPhone! Get reminders on your phone no matter what App you are running! (iTunes Browsers, click "...More" to your right to read more about RxmindMe)

RxmindMe is now FREE for everyone!

Follow us on Twitter! @RxmindMe - we post updates and tips!

RxmindMe is a prescription reminder that uses multitasking to alert you every time you need to take a prescription. We allow you to enter all your prescriptions, setup reminders, and track when you have taken them.

We can handle the most complicated of reminders, if you are having trouble scheduling a reminder - please email our support.

√ NINE different types of reminders: Every "X" Number of Days, Hourly, Daily, on specific dates, weekly, on a particular day of the month, as needed, on a particular week of a month, or even just recording pills you took out of the blue
√ Prescription Quantities now count down as you mark your reminders as 'Taken' will automatically update the prescription quantity!
√ Export all your prescription data with ease! (Export Data in More menu)
√ Take picture of your prescription (Devices with Cameras Only)
√ Email Prescription History (Both email and Comma Separated Value - Imports into Excel and Numbers)
√ Family Members for Medications
√ The entire FDA Drug Database to search for your medications
√ SECURE - All of your prescriptions are stored on your iPhone, no information pertaining to your prescription is EVER sent to our server
√ All reminders are reoccurring
√ Easy to use interface to turn reminders on - off - or delete them
√ Historical tracking of your prescriptions and when you took them
√ Now uses Multitasking to give you your notifications, allowing you to be using other applications and receive reminders
√ Input of all your prescription information (But, you don't need to input your prescriptions to setup reminders)
√ Passcode to prevent wondering eyes on your phone to see your prescriptions (Don't you hate it when people ask to borrow your iPhone?)

Please note - WE CANNOT OVERRIDE THE SILENCE SWITCH - If you put your phone on SILENT you will NOT receive the sound alert - you will still get an alert and a vibrate, but not a sound! There is nothing we can do about this, so please don't leave unfair reviews about things we simply cannot do. Thanks!

CONTACT SUPPORT AND WE ***WILL*** HELP YOU! Posting your issue Reviews ***WILL NOT RESOLVE AN ISSUE AND GET YOU HELP***! We are more than happy to help you with what you need! :)

Download RxmindMe to your iPhone today.

Warning: This application is for entertainment purposes. Due to hardware and network access limitations, you may not receive reminders at the desired times and should take that into consideration.

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