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Smart Plans - Projects, Tasks, Timer

  • Category: Business
  • Released date: 01/20/2010
  • Current Version: 2.0
  • Seller: Left Coast Logic
  • Recommended Age: 4+
  • Download Size: 7566200
  • Last Update: 07/22/2011
  • Requirements: All

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★★★★★ The top-selling task and project manager for iPhone is now available for iPad, now connected via the Cloud. SmartPlans is a flexible planner for tasks and projects that also logs and reports the time you spend on tasks and calls.

Smart Plans is simple and flexible - It is six apps combined into one: Project Planner, Task List, Plans Manager, Time Logger, Contacts Manager and Life Goals manager.

Best of all, SmartPlans integrates all these functions into one versatile productivity application. Tasks can be grouped together with your fingertip then organized into structured or freestyle Plans; multiple Plans can be managed from an interactive Gantt-style view that features a Work Balance monitor. The included Timer can be used to log anything from project tasks to phone calls to client meetings to workout schedules. Export reports and email them to yourself or directly to your customers. And use the new Life Goal manager to track how you spend your time in a very useful way.

See and hear how this revolutionary productivity app works - all with the tip of your finger. Just click on the web-site link here and visit the videos page.

SmartPlans2 runs universally on all iOS devices including iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad.

SmartPlans is part of the productivity suite that includes SmartNotes (iPhone & iPad), SmartCal (iPhone), and SmartPad (iPad).

Features in this Version:

Task List
✓ Change order with your fingertips
✓ Group tasks by dragging them onto each other
✓ Time, pause, restart any task until it is done
✓ View a history of times for each task
✓ Time multiple tasks at same time

Project Planner
✓ Create structured or free-form plans
✓ Estimate total length of Project
✓ Manage your Work Balance for each Project
✓ Fill your Project Plan with tasks
✓ Track progress against plan
✓ Change and update on the fly

Plans Manager
✓ Flip your iPhone sideways to access wide view
✓ Gantt chart shows all your structured plans
✓ Quarter or 6-Month layout
✓ Move and "resize" plans with your fingertip
✓ Adjust dates and work balance with your fingertip
✓ Stacked bar chart shows cumulative work for all Plans

✓ Use it "on the fly"
✓ Automatically creates task and plan
✓ Time multiple tasks
✓ Paused tasks are held for re-start
✓ Automatic pause/continue when app closes

Contacts Manager
✓ Use freeform Plans to track people or things
✓ Great for tracking time spent on customers
✓ Great for tracking running and workouts

Reports Manager
✓ View graphical histories of anything that you Timed - Tasks, Projects, Client calls.
✓ Then export to Excel
✓ Export progress graphs to PNG also

Life Balance View
✓ Assign any of the six key Life Goals to your projects and tasks - Work, Family, Spouse, Self, Social, and Community.
✓ Plan how much of your time you would like to spend on each goal.
✓ SmartPlans tracks your progress automatically

Toodledo Sync
✓ Sync SmartPlans Project names to Toodledo Folder names
✓ Sync SmartPlans Tasks to Toodledo Tasks
✓ Create Tasks for your Projects on Toodledo or directly on your web-browser, then sync to SmartPlans
✓ Share your tasks, via Toodledo, with other SmartApps including SmartCal for iPhone and SmartPad for iPad.

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