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Spanish VocabMastery

  • Category: Education
  • Released date: 06/10/2011
  • Current Version: 1.1
  • Seller: Nicholas Rasband
  • Recommended Age: 4+
  • Download Size: 459135
  • Last Update: 07/22/2011
  • Requirements: All

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Spanish VocabMastery is a flash card/personal dictionary tool whose purpose is to help English speakers to increase their Spanish vocabulary. It has three main features. The first is Search. When using search, you can look up English-Spanish or Spanish-English translations. The dictionary is seeded initially with 200+ common Spanish words, mostly nouns. If the word is not available in the built-in dictionary, the app uses a web service to look up the translation. If it finds it, it returns the result and you can then add that word to your local dictionary. Adding the word to the dictionary is part of the learning process, because you can specify things like the part of speech, an example sentence, whether it is singular or plural, masculine or feminine, or N/A, and you can even associate a photo with the definition.

The Flash card feature is the main component of this app. It allows you to quiz yourself by category. Simply tap the desired options (which language to show first, whether to show the picture or example sentence and which side to display them on) and then select a category. The flash cards can be flipped when you are ready to see the answer and you can go to the next flash card at any moment. You can also go back to the previous flash card if desired. These words will be displayed in random order and will not repeat until you have seen all of them.

The Manage tab allows you to add/remove/edit categories and definitions. Finally, there is a help tab that can give you some pointers if part of the application is confusing.

The original motivation for this app was my personal study while reading books in Spanish. Frequently I will come across a word that I do not know, and I want to add it to my vocabulary. With this app I can add it to a category, look-up the definition, and then quiz myself until I have mastered the word. The "example sentence" feature allows me to see the word in the original context in which I found it so that I know how it is used in practice. Because of the limited size of the included dictionary and the inaccuracy of many of the translations provided by the web service, this app is best accompanied by a reliable English-Spanish/Spanish-English dictionary.

*Note: This app supports portrait and landscape orientations on both the iPhone and iPad, so you can hold your device any way you like.

*Note 2: The words that come with the app do not have associated images or example sentences, but you are welcome to add them if you would like.

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