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***We are working on an update to expand and highlight the foods in this app that safeguard and protect your body from harmful radiation***

***Prepare for the SUPERFOODS phenomenon that is quickly becoming "The most highly acclaimed and prestigious diet on earth".***

Optimized for retina display and multitasking!

A SUPERFOOD is rich in phytochemicals, special nutrients that have properties which embrace health and fight disease. Preventative maintenance instead of treating symptoms of sickness is the goal. These foods provide benefits beyond their recognized value.

***Please, take the first step towards an enriched life by installing this app now!*** We have gone to great lengths to present you with this life enhancing information in a beautiful, exciting, and fun to use manner. We are working hard on the next update to bring you even more content and show you how to acquire and use these foods in your kitchen.

We want to help you be informed that every time you decide what to eat, you are choosing a direction that creates wellness instead of disease. Here are the tools for superior health! Vibrant and wonder-filled health to you!

Help spread this vital information by taking the time to give us a review and a rating. Please contact us with any questions, comments or suggestions using our support email address and we will respond to you immediately and get to work on including your feedback in the next update.

The foods you find in this app are best eaten in their raw state as living food for our living bodies. Even if you are eating organic, raw, and living foods, SUPERFOODS add nutrients that you just may not be getting because our soils are depleted, our air and water are polluted, and our bodies need help!

**We would love to help you set and reach your goals of living a healthy vibrant life!**

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