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Tao of Sex (Lite)


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If you like "Sex Positions" or "Kamasutra", then you will like "Tao of Sex".

Tao of Sex brings you back to sexual positions which are discovered centuries ago, with these positions are invented and inspired from the ying and yang of taoism. Taoists believe that sex and sexual energy can be used to improve health, harmonize relationships, and increase spiritual realization.

Many of the Tao sexual positions are recommended to promote the flow of sexual health and energy. It is obvious from the visual names given to Tao positions that the Chinese viewed sex as an art form.

Features include:
- Shake your iPhone or iPod Touch to see an alternative sex position
- Save images as wallpaper
- No internet connection required! All images are loaded in the app for fast browsing
- High quality images
- Share photos with friends using facebook or email
- FREE updates

You do not need any mojo to be a great lover. All you need is to master these 15 positions and everyone will know your name in town!

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