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Have you ever played Telephone, also known as Gossip, Grapvine, Broken Telephone, or Chinese Whispers? Telesketch is played much the same way, but instead of whispering you draw pictures!

Write a sentence and send it to all your friends to draw. They send their drawings to all of their friends to caption. And so on and so forth.

- Create private games with your friends.
- Join the public game any time. No friends required!
- View all of your past captions & drawings.
- View the entire chain of captions and drawings for any game you participate in.
- Advanced drawing options:
- Multiple shapes
- Multiple brush sizes
- Adjustable opacity
- Zoom / pan
- Advanced color picker

Telesketch is OpenFeint Enabled. Use OpenFeint to challenge your friends to create drawings or captions. Track high scores and earn achievements.

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