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Thumba Photo Editor


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Thumba Photo Editor is the ideal application for your photos in iPhone. Impress your Facebook friends with HDR, 3D or Tilt-shift effects. Create stunning portrait photos with Soften Portrait, Sepia or Vignette. Use the effects Vintage or Lomography to create analogue photos. Thumba Photo Editor has the most varied, easy-to-use and completely controllable by the tip of your fingers, adjustments and effects. Crop the images or adjusts Brightness and Contrast, or leave the Thumba Photo Editor do it for you with the Auto Contrast and Normalize adjustments and, in moments, no detail is lost. Adjust color with the Hue and Saturation or control the colors individually with the Color Balance. Spice up your photos with the Exposure. Let your photos stunning with the amazing effects that Thumba Photo Editor gives you. Create amazing portraits with the Sepia, Grayscale, Lomography, Vintage or Vignette effects. Get incredible results with the Invert or solarization effects. With Thumba Photo Editor, become a professional photographer has never been so easy!

- Crop
- Flip
- Photo Frame
- Instant Camera
- Mirror
- Rotate

- Autocontrast
- Black&White
- Brightness&Contrast
- Color Balance
- Colorize
- Exposure
- Hue&Saturation
- Multiply
- Normalize
- Shadows&Highlight
- Sharpen

- Cross Processing
- Grayscale
- Infrared
- Lomography
- Sepia
- Soften Portrait
- Tilt Shift
- Vintage

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