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Thumbstruck is a social networking/ storytelling application that allows users to improvisationally write stories together through three methods of interaction: Choose my words, Use my words, and Fuse my words.

"Choose my words" is for the moments when a user is at a loss for what to tweet, text, or post as a status update (aka they are "thumbstruck"). In "Choose my words" we say it for you by providing a humorous update from a variety of categories that can be texted/tweeted/posted.

"Use my words" allows two users to complete an ad-lib story where one user chooses a story topic from Thumbstruck's list, and sends it to a second user, who is prompted to fill in blanks within the story. The story is then sent back to both users via a push message.

"Fuse my words" allow users to tell a story in a group. Thumbstruck provides the first sentence and then users complete the story by adding on to each other's sentences via a series of push notifications.

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